Humans & Laws

After spending an entire day running around (more like sitting around much of the time) the Jordanian Ministry of the Interior and the Jordanian passport office I began thinking about laws. And human beings. Every time I spoke with at the Ministry today about getting papers for my a friend’s daughter to be with her mother before she dies I tried to appeal to their humanity. To get them to empathize with the situation. Almost every time I said this I was told that “you’re speaking about humanity, but there are laws.” Which is more important I would retort, but of course, people working in offices that are supposed to uphold the law don’t have to waste too much time pondering such a question. For me, it’s simple yani. All of these post-WWI borders here drive me up the wall. Just like the Annexation Wall Israel is building, these borders separate families. They make people miserable. They create governments that survive off of the separation of people. Of ensuring “security” at all costs. It horrifies me that these institutions are more important than human beings: their feelings, their health, their connections with other human beings, their livelihood, their land.

All that said, insha’allah, I think all of our philosophizing about the importance of a family being together and the urgency of this situation got to someone’s heart somewhere. I am praying that in two days she will have the papers and be reunited with her mother, insha’allah, before she passes away.



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