my best friend’s wedding

my best friend’s wedding
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It was difficult to leave LA because it was so hard to say goodbye to my family. Even Sanabel was teary eyed when we left. Although it has been hard for her to leave home, as evidenced in her new found love of chatting with friends back home, I think she had a wonderful time last week. The last couple of days were especially great because we all went to my best friend’s wedding. It was such a beautiful event full of love and joy. There were belly dancers and Turkish dancers to entertain us and eventually they led us all in a dabka dance, which thrilled Sanabel. We danced all night, or at least I did. Divy couldn’t take the loud music after a certain point so they wandered around the grounds and I eventually found all three of them crashed out on some sofas.

We arrived in DC yesterday and were planning on doing lots of little get-ready-for-school things, but to my surprise today was a holiday and nothing was open. It’s wonderful to be back in DC, my favorite U.S. city, though I am sad that my friends are not yet back from LA.

And one final movie bit: if you haven’t yet seen Syriana it is a must see. It is a brilliant critique of U.S. foreign policy in the Middle East. I’m not sure how widely it has been released or if it has been released internationally, but I hope people have a chance to witness this amazing, complex film.



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