Back in Beirut

Arriving in Beirut yesterday felt a little bit like arriving in a time machine. As I turned on my phone, I found a text message from my friend Rosie who told me not to wear my kaffiyeh, which, of course, I wasn’t. When I found her in the ariport terminal I discovered that earlier yesterday two Lebanese policemen were shot by Palestinian (PFLP) men. Rosie commented that it made it feel a bit like the beginning of the Civil War and I couldn’t stop thinking about it all night. I heard a couple of sounds from a friend’s balcony while eating dinner; I thought they were gun shots, but they could have been fireworks given that it was the night before Eid Adha. In any case, I am worried about the situation here. There are far more police and soldiers on the streets than there were back in October or September when I was last here. The mood is decidedly different.



3 thoughts on “Back in Beirut

  1. Do you happen to know if the PFLP-GC is something totally different from the PFLP in the Occupied Territories? Or are they two branches of the same organization?

  2. Elizabeth at one time the use to be one then the split in the 1973 or 72 and that was the 3rd split in the pflp.

  3. I just found out that PFLP-GC is entirely different than PFLP elsewhere. This is sort of an off-shoot of PFLP, but here it is actually run by Syrian factions in Syria. Thus, the goals and objectives are quite different than those of PFLP, which is about Palestinian liberation. PFLP-GC is somehow interested in maintaining Syrian control in Lebanon.


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