Is this really the world we live in?

Too much going on in all directions so I thought I’d share what I’ve been reading and, hence what I’ve been thinking about:

Israel on Sunday fired the opening salvo in an economic war on the Palestinian National Authority (PNA), halting monthly tax transfers, imposing other sanctions, bracing for additional embargoes, severing contacts with Palestinians, and urging the international donors to stop their aid as well, as President Mahmoud Abbas warned that the PNA is facing ‘a real financial crisis.’ ‘One can assume the lifestyle of the Palestinians will change even though this is not the aim of the government,’ said the Israeli foreign minister, Tzipi Livni. Dov Weisglass, a senior adviser to Israeli Acting Prime Minister Ehud Olmert, who helped draw up the economic sanctions, was quoted last week as saying Palestinians ‘will feel as if they have been on a visit to a dietitian. They will become thinner, but they won’t starve to death.'”

New Abu Ghraib torture images:“These are many of the photos and video images that the federal government has kept under wraps — despite court rulings in favor of the ACLU that they be released — arguing that their publication could endanger the mission in Iraq. The U.S. military could have unveiled these terrible photographs at a time of its choosing; instead they’re published on the heels of the cartoon riots, and the video of British soldiers making sport of beating Iraqi boys.”

Mahmood Mamdani: “All this before the disclosure that a Danish illustrator had in April 2003 submitted a series of unsolicited cartoons dealing with the resurrection of Christ to Jyllands-Posten, only to receive an email from the paper’s Sunday editor: ‘I don’t think Jyllands-Posten’s readers will enjoy the drawings. As a matter of fact, I think that they will provoke an outcry. Therefore, I will not use them.'”

The Bush Crimes Commission: “documents the evidence on wars of aggression, detention and torture, destruction of the global environment, sabotage of global health programs, and the abandonment of New Orleans.”

“UNITED NATIONS — Secretary-General Kofi Annan: on Thursday said the United States should close the prison at Guantanamo Bay for terror suspects as soon as possible, backing a key conclusion of a U.N.-appointed independent panel.”

“The Palestinian leadership condemned the Israeli construction of the ‘eastern Wall’ which will completely enclose the West Bank within a de-facto open-air prison. The construction of the eastern section of the Wall began in earnest this week, after a year-long process of disenfranchisement of Palestinians who live and work in the Jordan Valley.”

“The House of Representatives voted overwhelmingly on Wednesday to withhold direct United States foreign aid from the Palestinian Authority unless Hamas revokes its call for the destruction of Israel.”

“Jordan invites Hamas for first visit since expulsion: Kingdom invites terror group leaders to make their first visit since Jordan expelled them in 1999; ‘We welcome the visit of a delegation of our brothers the leaders of Hamas in their capacity as Palestinians,’ Prime Minister Marouf Bakheet says.”

“The exiled Tibetan god-king Dalai Lama said on Wednesday he would be happy to meet members of the militant group Hamas but acknowledged it may be too soon for Israel to talk to the Palestinian election winner. Starting his fourth visit to Israel and the Palestinian territories, the Dalai Lama urged Israelis and Palestinians to abandon violence and be prepared to resume a dialogue after Hamas’s landslide victory in the Jan. 25 parliamentary election.”


2 thoughts on “Is this really the world we live in?

  1. great coverage. I have been following some of the same stories. I have never been so dissappointed with the state of humanity as I am these days, maybe it’s because I have been keeping a closer eye on events, maybe because things are actually getting worse…

  2. yeah thats why I spend my time reading Dr.newman’s great blog, not only am currently unemployed 🙂 but the blog is great and covers all what you need to know. ( in arabic : blog bedo3 3la el watar el 7assas :))


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