RACHEL’S WORDS: Amman, Jordan, Friday, the 17th of March

RACHEL’S WORDS: Staged Readings, Public Readings, Living Room Readings

March 17th: Amman, Jordan, Books@Cafe, Jebel Amman, 8 PM

Please consider taking part in an important initiative on March 17th called RACHEL’S WORDS and forward this request widely.

“My Name is Rachel Corrie” is a powerful one-woman show based entirely on the writings of Rachel Corrie, telling her story from the time she was a small child and leading up to the days before she was killed at the age of 23. The play was produced by the Royal Court Theatre in London to sold out audiences and wide acclaim. “My Name is Rachel Corrie” was scheduled to open at the New York Theatre Workshop on March 22nd. It has been postponed indefinitely, sparking much controversy.

The play’s director Alan Rickman stated, “Rachel Corrie lived in nobody’s pocket but her own. Whether one is sympathetic with her or not, her voice is like a clarion in the fog and should be heard.” Rachel’s mother Cindy wonders, “Why are people so afraid of Rachel’s words?” We ask the same question. RACHEL’S WORDS was developed in response, in order to provide a platform for Rachel’s voice to be heard.

Just as Lysistrata was read in 59 countries and 1,029 cities in March
of 2003 as an act of theatrical dissent against the impending war we intend RACHEL’S WORDS to provide a burst of light in the pervasive climate of fear and challenge to free speech that is increasingly prevalent in our society and open the door to many other silenced voices.

On March 16th, the third anniversary of Rachel’s death, Rachel’s e-mails and selected writings will be read in private homes, cafes, black box theatres and street corners. They will be read by small groups of friends, Muslim and Jewish dialogue groups, individuals with bull-horns, families, and performance artists. They will be read in cities including Abuja, Basra, Brussels, Cairo, Jenin, Jerusalem, London, New York, Paris and San Francisco — the list continues to grow.

Occasionally unique circumstances arise which present an opportunity to galvanize people, unite communities, and open people’s minds. We believe this is such an opportunity. On March 16th let us come together world-wide to hear what an exceptional young woman had to say about what she was witnessing in the world — and decide for ourselves what we think.


CAN YOU ORGANIZE A READING OF RACHEL’S WORDS?: Let us know at info@RachelsWords.org. Write “MARCH 16 READING” in the subject. Our website will list all the cities across the world where Rachel’s words are being read.

DO YOU WANT TO ENDORSE THE RACHEL’S WORDS INITIATVE? Please write an e-mail to info@RachelsWords.org and write ENDORSE in the subject.

DO YOU WANT TO DONATE TO THE RACHEL’S WORDS INITIATIVE? Please visit Rachel’s Words for information on how to support this undertaking.

MARCH 22nd, NEW YORK CITY: Because the play was scheduled to open on March 22nd in New York, it is fitting that we hold a large event on that day, hosted at the historic Riverside Church. Actors, activists and playwrights will participate in a live reading of Rachel’s emails, video of the worldwide events from the 16th will be broadcast, and speakers will address how vital it is for the arts to provide a forum for difficult discourse; something that is greatly needed on the issue of Israel and Palestine. We have an incredible line-up of participants — visit our website for updates on this event.

(Rachel Corrie was a 23 year old human rights activist and gifted writer. On March 16th, 2003, as she tried to protect the home of a Palestinian pharmacist from demolition in Rafah, Gaza Strip, she was crushed to death by an Israeli army bulldozer. She left behind an extraordinary body of writing.)


One thought on “RACHEL’S WORDS: Amman, Jordan, Friday, the 17th of March

  1. Hi Marcy,

    We are doing the same reading here at my university in Kingston. Hope you find enough people ro read from her works.

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