The Assault on Ghaza

Eight days and thousands of shells later, the assault on Gaza continues. Israel has vowed that it will continue to intensify the
attack. Eighteen people are dead, including at least two children, and many more are injured.

Amnesty International is “calling on the Israeli army to end immediately its air bombardments and shelling of civilian residential areas in the Gaza Strip.” Amnesty says, “Israeli forces…must put an immediate end to the frequent, disproportionate and excessive use of force against Palestinians. Such attacks continue to cause death and injury to Palestinian children and other bystanders, and constitute violations of international law.”

John Ging, Director of UNRWA Operations in Gaza, stated that “from a humanitarian perspective the outlook here in Gaza is bleak at the moment. We are once again facing imminent food shortages, insecurity is making delivery of humanitarian services difficult and we are very concerned about the public health risks from the outbreak of avianinfluenza. All of this is likely to add up to more refugees falling below the poverty line and becoming dependent on humanitarian assistance.”

Please help stop these atrocities:

1. Contact your local representatives and demand they raise the issue of the bombardment of Gaza and the closure of the Karni checkpoint (see information below).

2. Contact your Ministry of Foreign Affairs and demand they put pressure on Israel to stop the bombardment of Gaza and open the Karni checkpoint (see information below).

3. Hold a protest, vigil, or rally in front of your Israeli embassy or consulate and demand that Israel stops bombarding Gaza and opens the Karni checkpoint. To find the address of the Embassy or one of the Consulates, go to.

Contact UK MPs

Fax your British MP direct from this site

Contact local U.S. Representative

Contact your American Senators

US (Department of State)

Websites for Ministries of Foreign Affairs









4 thoughts on “The Assault on Ghaza

  1. Franly speaking Dr.,
    Don’t you think that such a situation in gaza justifies resistance by palestinians? Do they have to wait to see their sons being dead bodies of this “obligatory diet”?

    Wallah I don’t think any letter to any body will change any thing…

    Don’t wait some body to give you bread, make your own bread


  2. Of course I think that this situation in Ghaza justifies resistance! I think long before it got to this state of ethnic cleansing there has been a justification of resistance. While I agree that writing letters will probably not change anything, I don’t think that being silent ever changed anyone’s situation. Shall Americans just sit back and allow only Zionists to be the ones who lobby its government? If those of us who want a real, viable, free, Palestinian state, meaning making Isreal abide by all international laws that it has ignored since 1948, we need to have an unending, tireless campaign on many fronts. One of those fronts is a lobbying campaign to Congress, the State department, and the U.S. President.

    I like your last comment, there Khaled, about bread, though I find it a bit ironic given that Palestinians in Ghaza don’t even have the flour to make their own bread right now.


  3. Marcy, it was good to meet you last week. Next time I’ll be more prepared to ask intelligent questions!

    I think I hadn’t read your blog since it had been relegated to “ExPats”.

    It ALWAYS helps to write letters. I complained to a Christian mag once about their Zionistic stance and invited them to come to Jordan, and they sent the editor for a week. Constructive complaining is a great way to go, people won’t learn about Palestine until they are taken by the hand and forced to look at it.

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