Re-instate EU and US aid to Palestine

To: The European Union, the US congress and the Israeli Government
We condemn the actions taken by the US, the EU and Israel to exert penal
economic pressure upon the Palestinian people. The withdrawal of
economic aid by the US and the EU and the criminal withholding of
internationally agreed custom duties by Israel will lead to widespread
suffering, starvation and death among the Palestinian people, with the
weakest, children and the elderly, dying first.

This aid is desperately needed because the Israeli government
systematically pursues policies that prevent economic self sufficiency
on the west bank and in Gaza. these policies include:

*Use of the separation wall to cut off Palestinian farmers from their
*Import of labourers from East Asia rather than employ Palestinians
*Placing deliberate obstacles in the path of Palestinian exports of
agricultural produce and handicrafts
*Use of the Israeli banking system to block remittances from
Palestinians working abroad
*Disruption of Palestinian school and Higher Education
*Withholding of customs duties due to the Palestinian Authority under
international law

These criminal policies are linked to demands that Hamas recognize the
state of Israel, such recognition would be the end of a negotiating
process, it should not be a precondition. The Palestinian people have
affronted the US, the EU and Israel by electing a Hamas government. It
was not made clear, when they insisted on democratic elections in
Palestine, that these they should only be held if the result were acceptable to Israel.

We further note that Hamas is maintaining a ceasefire and that Israel is
not and that Israel is killing far more Palestinians than vice-versa but
this does not impede massive US aid to Israel nor favourable trade
agreements between the EU and Israel.

In the name of justice and to end these economic crimes and murders we

The immediate restoration of aid by the US and the EU
The end of Israel’s economic blockade
The end of US military aid to Israel
The end of exceptional favourable EU agreements with Israel.


The Undersigned

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3 thoughts on “Re-instate EU and US aid to Palestine

  1. This on the day of Hamas’ declaration of support for suicide bombings (in particular, yesterday’s attack in Tel Aviv), claiming that they are ‘justifiable self-defense’?

  2. Pardon my French, but do you live under a fucking rock? Have you really no clue as to the deliberate ethnic cleansing taking place in Ghaza right now? Have you no idea that thousands upon thousands of bombs have been dropped on Ghaza every day? Have you no idea that the people in Ghaza are starving because the borders are closed and not only can they not work, but food and goods cannot leave or enter?

    Maybe you won’t believe me, but perhaps you could take a cue from Gideon Levy’s article in today’s Ha’aretz entitled “Who Is a terrorist?” ( He’s Israeli, he lives this, maybe you’ll believe him when he says:

    “It was a chilling, united chorus. Israel is dropping thousands of bombs on towns and villages, on the “the launching pads” of the Qassams – another dubious term created by the defense establishment and blindly adopted by the press – and only the Palestinians, whose Qassam rockets haven’t killed anyone since the disengagement, are called ‘terrorists.'”

    Or when he says, “The continuing imprisonment of besieged Gaza is precisely the opposite policy that should be applied to serve Israeli interests. The current policy only strengthens support for the Hamas, just like the terror attacks within Israel always strengthen the Israeli right. A nation under siege, its leadership boycotted, will have far more determination and resolve to fight to its last drop of blood. It is impossible to break the spirit of a desperate people. Only a nation that sees a light at the end of its desperation will change its ways.”

    Or, finally, when he proposes: “Those who really want to end the Qassam launches from Gaza, should turn Israeli policy upside down. To show restraint in the face of the Qassams, to lift the siege, to immediately meet with the elected Palestinian leadership and call on the world to stop withholding the funds from the Palestinian Authority. Only a free and secure and thriving Gaza will stop launching Qassams. Have we ever tried that?”


  3. Please don’t attempt to paint be as a heartless imbecile; of course the Palestinian people must be fd. I simply can’t support acting directly through Hamas. Rather, governments should provide aid through international organizations such as the Red Cross.

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