Silencing Palestinian Art

I was deeply disturbed last week when I first heard that Brandeis University shut down an art exhibit consisting of illustrations by Palestinian youth. It hit home this morning as I watched a report on this on Democracy Now! where I learned that these images came from kids in Aida Refugee Camp in Beit Lahem, from the Al Rowwad Center that my friend runs.

What are you so afraid of Brandeis? American Jews? Zionists? That other Americans will find out the truth? That they will see the violence of Israel depicted by innocent children? That people will humanize Palestinians and empathize with them?

What is especially fascinating about this story is that an Israeli Jewish college student is the one who organized this censored exhibit in the first place. It’s now across the river at MIT for people in the Boston area who want to see these images.



9 thoughts on “Silencing Palestinian Art

  1. What is even more interesting Marcy is that Brandeis is suppose to be a bastion of progressive thought. They always tout their desire to get a wide range of views from those other than the Jewish community, but they dropped th ball big time on this one. I myself wrote about this last week on my blog and I also watched the Democracy Now broadcast as well. I applaued Lior the Israeli student who brought the exhibit to Brandeis. Sadly, progressive thought of the university does not extend to the art of Palestinian children.

  2. Today, Israel released the millions of dollars in tax revenue that had been withheld since the election of Hamas into Palestinian hands. Is this not a joyful day at ‘Body on the Line’?

  3. The Dark Provost:
    They released those dollars for the israeli gas company that stopped to supply palestinians with gas and oil…. also it palestinian tax money, so where’s the big deal in getting my right?

  4. Just because Palestine deserves the money doesn’t make getting it any less beneficial.

  5. the money was paid for an ISRAELI company. it was not paid becouse it’e the time to give palestinians their right. it was just the israeli company that asked for its money and got it from palestinain tax money in israeli banks…

    If you want to get the real beficial, give the palestinian gov all its money…

  6. Well you can still see the “Made in Palestine” art exhibit in Chelsea in New York City. It will be up for another couple of weeks. It’s had more than 3,000 visitors.

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