An Open Letter to Israel

Dear Israel,

Enough is enough. It must be said. It is time for you to evacuate Palestine and move to Europe. Or, perhaps the U.S., though I’d rather not have you move to yet another occupied land. You’ve had fifty-eight years. More, actually, if one were to include the years of Zionist buildup beginning in the late 1880s. And in this time you’ve proven that your consistent and constant policies of population transfer, evacuation, ethnic cleansing, settler colonialism, massacres, and terrorism are incompatible with the indigenous local Palestinian inhabitants.

From the very beginning of your Zionist enterprise, even when you purchased land from wealthy Palestinians, you used it for a European colonial project no different from any other colonialism in Africa, Asia, or the Americas. You did so by exploit Palestinians and by dividing and conquering various Palestinian communities. Even then you treated the Palestinians as if you were the master and they were the captive slave labor force. Whether you purchased land or took it by brute force, you robbed Palestinians farmers and people of their livelihood. When you could not create an entirely compliant captive labor force, you used your racist policies to import Yemeni Jews whom you forced into labor camps and slums.

When Palestinians responded to your colonialism on their land by through protests or strikes, due to their dispossession of land and labor, you increased your brute force by creating various paramilitary factions such as Irgun, Palmach, Stern Gang, and Lehi to terrorize Palestinians, and often your British colonial partner and competitor by bombing, killing, and evicting more Palestinians from their land. Your first leader, David Ben-Gurion crystallized these practices by clearly stating he believed that the only way to increase Jewish settler colonialism was to transfer the indigenous Palestinian population. Not once has any Israeli leader deviated from his beliefs, eventually set into practice and policy.
Whenever there were rare moments of Zionist and Palestinian collaboration, as with labor movements you made sure that these were doomed to failure. You acted to ensure that Palestinians would instead receive less wages, have less land to farm, and be a subservient society to your needs with the hope that they would become exasperated and leave their land.

When World War II began you began to exploit it to make sure more Jews from Europe would occupy Palestine. But even then your heartlessness was obvious as you only allowed those Jews who were strong and physically fit and sufficiently Zionist to colonize Palestine so you could have more paramilitary support to terrorize Palestinians and the British. After the war, even after you learned what happened to Jews in Europe, you enacted the same types of measures on the Palestinian population. You actively worked to make the British vacate so that you could be the sole imperial power in Palestine to ensure that your plans to ethnically cleanse the land of Palestinians would not be witnessed by the British. Before, during, and after the 1948 war you terrorized the population by massacring Palestinians, terrorizing them with the threat of death or eviction, and by destroying any signs of Palestinian village life before your occupation of this land.

You proved to the world that you cannot or will not learn from history. You used various methods from Nazi Germany and used them against Palestinians so that by May 1948 one third of the Palestinian population fled from their homes and almost 400 villages were looked as if they had never existed. You actively worked to make your myth–a land without a people for a people without a land–would seem as if it were true. In Deir Yassin, Tantura, Lydd, Ramle–some of your most infamous and horrific massacres–you wiped out entire communities of Palestinians as well as Bedouin communities in the south. Once these villages were sufficiently cleared of the indigenous population to your satisfaction, you immediately planted forests–with the financial support of American Jews–to make sure no one would ever see these villages again. Those villages that did remain, you Judaized them by giving them Hebrew names and establishing colonial settlements to make it seem as if you always were here, as if you belonged here. To make sure that the world would never enact UN Resolution 194, allowing the 750,000 Palestinian refugees their Right of Return to their land under international law. The remaining 160,000 Palestinians living on their land under your military rule resembled Eastern European policies of Jewish ghettos, that some of you came from; you forced the same policies of intimidation, starvation, and theft on your victims, whom you still subjected to massacre from time to time such as the Kfar Qassem massacre of 1956.

Although you always portray yourself as the victim, whether here or in Europe, this is a propaganda move–sufficiently embedded into your curricula and media–in order to cover up the fact that you have never been anything other than the aggressor since you occupied Palestine. From the beginning you have worked to ignore international law and to enforce racist, apartheid-style laws such as the Law of Return which allows any Jew to immediately join your imperial project as a full citizen while the Palestinians living within 1948 Palestine have never been granted such rights.

With your neighbors, whom you have always described as hostile to the rest of the world, you have been the belligerent, ominous, expansionist state. With your dreams of conquest to expand your territory from the Nile to the Euphrates Rivers you have consistently initiated aggressive wars in 1956, 1967, 1982, through the present. In 1973 when your neighbors tried to fight to get their land back you struck back with the same excessive force you use on a daily basis to harass, torture, and inflect extreme cruelty on Palestinians living in territory you illegally occupy. But of course you have never obeyed or respected international laws.

When you first occupied the West Bank and Gaza Strip after the 1967 war, once again you continued your policies of land expropriation, eviction, and expulsion whether people were already living in refugee camps or in cities. Any Palestinian resisting your brutal occupation–whether non-violently or through self-defense–whether by waving a Palestinian flag or organizing a demonstration–you responded with excessive brute force. You cultivated a policy of collective punishment which we have watched you use consistently throughout the past thirty-nine years. When one person does not obey your military rule, which always is opposed to international laws such as the Geneva Conventions and several UN resolutions, you respond by bombing, shelling, arresting, and expelling entire communities. Moreover, shortly after the 1967 war, you immediately set forth your designs on this occupied land by creating Jewish-only illegal settlements in the West Bank by stealing more Palestinian land. Those Palestinians living under your military rule were subjected to your slave labor conditions.

In your history, whenever anyone criticizes your brutality and brute force they are criticized for being anti-Semitic. No one is allowed to criticize the immoral policies and practices that those who live under your occupation regime are subjected to or your neighbors who merely want you to return their land so they can live in peace. But you have never shown a predilection to peace. You say you want peace, but you’ve never returned Lebanese, Syrian, or Palestinian land in exchange for such an agreement as you did with Egypt. You’ve never complied with UN Resolution 242. Moreover, you have consistently invaded and/or occupied land that does not belong to you since 1967. When you have not been able to slaughter Palestinians with impunity, as you often do in Gaza and the West Bank, you collaborate with those who will do your dirty work such as the Christian Phalangists in Sabra and Shatila in 1982. These practices are typical of imperialist rulers who actively work to divide and conquer those whom it wishes to control and occupy.

Your use of the word “democracy” to describe your theocratic, racist, apartheid state does not fool those who know the history and who have seen your government in action. Those nations who claim to have a democracy (my own included) do not detain prisoners without a trial, collectively punish a population, invade its neighbors repeatedly, massacre people in and out of its borders. Your maneuver to act as if you cared about peace through the Oslo Accords or the Road Map was merely a ruse to speak to the world about peace all the while continuing your oppressive practices and raising them to a new level by creating an apartheid state most closely resembling South Africa. Indeed, it was during Oslo when you stepped up the pace of building illegal settlements in the West Bank and Gaza strip, expropriating land and water, creating a Jewish-only road system in the West Bank, arresting political activists en masse, massacring the residents of Jenin, and building an illegal Apartheid/Annexation Wall (as declared by the International Court of Justice). You have created a bantustan out of the West Bank filled with checkpoints (resembling international border crossings) and an apartheid road system making freedom of movement, and more importantly, a two-state solution impossible. You have never in earnest evacuated settlers–even when you created a big show of this last summer in Gaza. Instead, you have created an open-air prison which you are currently in the process of ethnically cleansing and starving. You create these conditions and consistently claim that you have no parter for peace on the Palestinian side. You ignore every overture made to you by Palestinians for a real two-state solution whether it comes from leaders in Fatah or most recently by Hamas in the form of an editorial by Khaled Mashal in the Washington Post.

You have controlled the narrative for far too long and fooled too many people in the U.S. and around the world. You have been the only real terrorist organization in this region. Indeed, the first terrorist act occurred in 1994 by a hybrid American-Israeli, Baruch Goldstein, who massacred praying Muslims in Khalil (Hebron). It was only after this incident that Palestinians resorted to suicide bombings as a method of retaliation. Martin Luther King, Jr. once said that “violence is the language of the silenced.” Indeed, if you had ever been interested in truly granting Palestinians all that they deserve in UN Resolutions 194 and 242, for instance, such acts could be avoided. And yet, even these acts of suicide bombings, which you call “terrorism,” because you say that it is inflicted on a civilian population is yet another ruse. You do not have a civilian population. You conscript all of your citizens into the military. Whether or not they are in uniform your citizens are being trained through a militarized curricula from the earliest ages to act aggressively towards Palestinians and the rest of your Arab neighbors.

At present you have over 9,000 Palestinian and Arab political prisoners in your prisons, more than 300 of whom are under the age of eighteen, where they are tortured and subjected to the most brutal conditions, all illegal under international law. You have kidnapped twenty elected members of the Palestinian Legislative Council. And yet when Palestinians or Hezbollah capture a legitimate military target–Israeli Occupation soldiers in uniform–you react by collectively punishing the entire population of Nablus, Gaza, or Lebanon.

The conditions you have created in the West Bank, Gaza, and now Lebanon are intractable. You have had far too much time to prove that all you are capable of is reacting in the most uncivilized ways imaginable because you have controlled the narrative and twisted it in the most obscene ways possible. It is now time for you to leave what you call Israel and give the land back to the people from whom you stole it. This is the form of reparation that Palestinians, Syrians, and Lebanese deserve. You received reparations from Nazi Germany and this, in turn, is what should be demanded of you.




10 thoughts on “An Open Letter to Israel

  1. I must say, you have summed up the Palestinian position very well. You have also shown, at the same time, why the Palestinians have become an embarassment and a joke to the rest of the world. You are as divorced from reality as any psychotic – and are just as effectual.
    Until you wake up from your dream, you are going to remain lost in your own country, living and dying in the dark.

  2. the answer is no.
    suck it up.
    if we have to kill you all to stop that, we will. we can, easily. we won’t like it, but if we will have no choice, we will.

    go back to america where your stupidity is less fatal.

  3. Empire expand and empire collapse, ask your elders, Israel will one day be no more but not in the hands of muslims but ‘the King’ as promise in all the holy scriptures. I cant wait to see the moment. Do you really think that God will not punish you for taking innocent lives.

  4. In one post you show why Israel should expell all of you from the WEest Bank and gaza…

    Nobody wants a terrorist state, this is what a palestinian state would nbe..

    Please arabs, GO BACK TO ARABIA!

  5. So, you are right. Palestinians have the right to fight against it all.

    Thats what you are trying to say, isn’t it?

    But may I ask, in how far the Palestinian people profitate from the logic of hate and destruction? Does terrorizing the Isrealis feed the hungry? Does it bring any Palestinians back to the home he lost long ago? Does it ease any suffering? Does it raise the victims of the war from the dead again?…

    I am sure you think this weird guy called Ghandi was a daydreamer. But may I say you, he had not a few millions but around a billion people surpressed by a regime that ruled with brute force and victimisation.

    But he had not to wear the burden to leave the children of his countrymen nothing else than hate and destruction while claiming to fight for the right cause. He chose the difficult way, not the one of the fanatics.

    I cant help myself but those Muslims that try to tell me its in the name of Allah to kill civilians and children no matter of which nationality remind me so much at our own crusaders we sent to the holy land to burn it down in the name of God.

  6. Who the hell believes this paranoid drivel?
    The Jews made sure that the Nazis killed the weak so that only the strong would “colonize” Israel?
    They are the world masters at “divide and conquer”?

    If they were this efficient, you wouldn’t be sitting where you are now.

  7. Oh interesting, i see problems with history and information and also geography, I am not going to fx this. I am done with that. It is iteresting to know how terrorists because they are organized and recognized in a nation…..can do whatever. It doesnt matter you killed all of us or none. trust me, you wont have enough..and it is cool either way, because we love life, but we dont mind dying for dignity..these words that dont have any meaning to you . which is great !

  8. Do you really believe in what you wrote ???

    Cant you see the fanatic way that try to make the world very sad place to leave ?

    Israel is the only REAL democratic state in the mis-east. I really hope the arab state give the same attituse to their citizenes as Israel gives to her Muslims citizens.



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