Adjusting Again

Qana Massacre 2
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I arrived in LA in the wee hours of the morning. The trip was long from Deheishe to Amman to New York to Los Angeles. I spent two days in Amman settling my affairs and such and seeing friends. It was a relief to read the Jordan Times and to see opinions that were far from King Abdullah’s blind support of Israel and the U.S. I know why he does this: he cannot afford to give up the U.S. aid that Jordan would not be able to survive without. All over Jordan it seems that the people, of course, have quite a different take on things, though I’ve heard that the few demonstrations have been sparse and that it has been difficult to get people to protest in front of the Israeli consulate instead of the UN headquarters. I was especially delighted that even some Jordanian cabinet ministers requested the cessation of diplomatic relations with Israel by asking to recall their ambassador and to send Israel’s ambassador to Jordan home. I doubt this will happen, but it’s nice to at least read about it. Jordan is also giving aid to Lebanon, including fuel, which is great. But all of this leaves me wondering: why is Jordan acting now to help the Lebanese people. How long do people in Ghaza have to suffer before Jordan will open an air bridge to send medicine, food, water, and fuel to Ghaza?

Yes, Ghaza was off the radar screen in Jordan as it is in the U.S. I told myself I wouldn’t watch any CNN or pay attention to any U.S. media, but when you have to wait 4 hours at JFK airport in New York City it is a bit difficult to avoide the big-screen tvs with CNN broadcast non-stop. I almost threw up when the first face I saw on it was Alan Dershowitz. As if he has any idea about what’s happening in Ghaza or Lebanon? Unbelievable. What’s even more shocking is to continue to hear this rhetoric of the U.S. “giving birth to the New Middle East.” It is so sickening to hear this rhetoric. The only thing that the U.S.-Israel will be giving birth to anytime soon is hatred and violence. That’s it. If these people like Condi and Bush believe that anything else will come out of these developments in Iraq, Palestine, and Lebanon they are more clueless than I thought.

CNN’s coverage, of course, said nothing of the Israeli invasion down in Rafah and the 8 Palestinians killed there today/yesterday (I don’t know what day it is exactly any where as I’m intensely jet lagged). Nor are there any images of the carnage of the Qana massacre. It’s like that didn’t even happen if you live here. Like neither of these things are happening. These images of kids being killed by Israelis are not in the news. Although there are a few references to it, they lower the numbers of innocent civilians killed and talk about the Lebanese as either Hezbollah fighters or human shields. The CNN reports are like the embedded journalists in Iraq; the are with only the Israeli Occupation Forces and focus almost entirely on their military hardware. It’s horrifying. They are only interviewing IOF people and buying all the things they say. There are no interviews on the other side with people in Lebanon. Thus, the IOF state terrorist position is the only one people in the U.S. are hearing. Of course, I suspected as much, but I’ve been living in denial and I’m not really looking forward to being thrust out of this.

FYI–my friend has been writing up some excellent reports for Human Rights Watch about the Israeli war crimes being committed in Lebanon. You can read them by clicking here.



4 thoughts on “Adjusting Again

  1. Dr. Newman, I have been following many Arab and Israeli blogs, reading many viewpoints and many sad stories, which I have also written in my weBlog. I pray for the innocent victims on both sides of the conflict, and hope that one day everyone can live in peace.

  2. I don’t know when you watched CNN or if you are watching CNN Headline News, but most of the shows that are at least an hour, talk to their own reporters in Lebanon as well as Lebanese reporters. In addition, there are interviews with civilians daily. Try watching Anderson Cooper at 10 on CNN. You will see all the things you wrote that you haven’t seen.

    No one I have seen or read has tied hezbollah to the Lebanese government. The fact is, and it is stated often, that the Lebanese government is too weak to try to control hezbollah.

    There was plenty of film on the Qana tragedy. You weren’t in the states when it happened, so why are you commenting on coverage you didn’t see?

    Do they talk about Iran and Syria giving money, training, and weapons to hezbollah in the Arab press? Do they talk about hezbollah launching rockets from roofs of apartment buildings or schools or hospitals?

    I doubt it. Do you really believe what you have just written or are you trying to stir up anger like right wing talk hosts?

    Don’t listen to bush or any other politician or government official if you want to retain your sanity.

  3. Nice Blog and good perspective. The bias of the US media is well know and documented through out history while its blind support for any Israeli government (right, left or centre) will never change.

    It’s good that we have internet these days for people to seek other perspectives and find out what’s actually happening as a result of their governments.

    As for Dan from NY, I’d just like you to note that you are right about Hezbollah not being the Lebanese government as well as the fact that the Lebanese government is too weak to control and/or protect it’s own soil which is why Hezbollah (a legitimate resistance movement) is bravely defending the Israeli aggression and standing up for Lebanon with the support of the majority of the Lebanese people.

    In regards to our unfortunate “official” stand in Jordan and lack of touch between the government and/or the King with the majority of people, it is just sad. Sad that our government blindly carries out what is dictated by the US and sad that we still have the Israeli flag flying over our soil while atrocities are being committed by Israel.

    Jordan has provided aid to the Palestinians in Gaza as it has for Lebanon but its response to the ongoing crisis to Lebanon hasn’t been the same while an establishment of an air link has not happened for two simple reasons:

    1. The Jordanian government wants to keep Al Hariri Junior happy so he carries on investing here.
    2. The US will not allow such support to Palestinians while Hamas is head of the government.

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