A picture is worth a thousand words

This cliched title here comes from the mouth of Wolf Blitzer on CNN who was showing images on his program about the invasion of Lebanon (of course to Wolf & Co. it’s not an invasion; it’s a defensive military operation). This photo, which has been circulated widely on the Internet, as well as in various Arab media sources is one of the many images you’ll never see on CNN or in the U.S. It’s an image of Israeli children writing messages to Lebanese people who will be bombed, maimed, destroyed, killed, tortured by Israeli military aggression. The image captures perfectly the fact that there are no innocent civilians in Israel. These are a people who are militarized from age 3. These are a people who have blood on their hands quite literally.

It’s continuing to unnerve me to watch CNN or to read American media or even to walk around the streets of Los Angeles seeing people having a great time without a care in the world, except maybe that their credit cards are maxed out because they over spent on their mall shopping spree. Wouldn’t it be nice if everyone could gather around freely in public spaces, shop, listen to music, hang out with family and friends? But for people in Ghaza, Lubnan, the West Bank this is not possible. People want me to have fun and relax, but I find it very difficult to do this. I haven’t heard one word on CNN about Ghaza, meanwhile Israeli Occupation Forces are enacting carnage on Rafah and the border with Egypt has been shut for over 40 days so that no one can leave this open-air prison.

It’s also extremely frustrating to watch the incompetent UN struggle to create a cease fire. It’s not rocket science. You make Israel stop destroying the people and land of Lebanon (and while you’re at it add Palestine in there too); you make Israel give Lebanon a map of the land mines they’ve laced the countryside with; you make Israel give back all political prisoners (Lebanese and Palestinian alike); and you give back Shaba Farms, Lebanon’s land that Israel has continued to occupy even after it’s “withdrawal” from the country. But while these details may take time to flesh out, Israel should just stop. Here’s the cease fire agreement, UN: “Cease Fire.” Khalas. That’s it. You don’t need to say much more. Stop the carnage and massacres.

For those looking for good news stories, which are harder than ever to find in the U.S., here’s a good list of recent articles:

Bridge Bombing Paralyses Lebanon Aid Pipeline

Cease-Fire Now

“Supporters of Hezbollah”

‘How can we stand by and allow this to go on?’

The reason they hate us lies buried in Qana

The Case for Boycotting Israel

And, as always, the best news coverage continues to be Pacifica radio, especially Nora Barrows-Friedman on Flashpoints, which you can listen to on the Internet. And, more recently, RAWI has some great posts on what’s going on right now in Lubnan.



8 thoughts on “A picture is worth a thousand words

  1. Its sad, how this picture above is used to foster even more hate and destruction.

    In case you want to know how this picture came into existance. Because this is something you never will hear on Arab news sources.

    A jewish settlement has been hit by Hezbollah rockets. After the attack (I dont know if there were victims) the shocked Israelis spontanously signed those Israelian war heads. Not against Lebanese childresn, but against Nasrallah.

    I detest the fact that they did, but they did NOT wish the bombs best luck to hit civlists. They did write their hopes onto it that Hezbollah and of course Nasrallah will be hit by it.

    The picture gives a wrong impression, it says: Israelis cheer Lebanese slaughter. And its abused for causing even more hatred among the people in the middle east.

  2. What this picture told me was that Israeli occupations of the Arab people was not enough and we are going to bomb the hell out of you until you submit to our ideals.
    Gaza has been occupied for 40 years.
    Lebanon has been left out in the cold by the US. Lebanon has no oil!
    Israel is controlling US policy!
    There is still the question of Israel stealing land and water from Palestinians.
    There is still the question of Israel stopping food, medicine and aid entering Gaza and Lebanon.
    There is still the question of who is right and who is wrong.
    Israel still keeps bombing civilians with the most modern weapons.
    Hezbollah use primitive weapons.
    I don’t agree with Hezbollah. I think they are terrorists.
    But I now think Israelis are terrorists.
    Both sides should get away from My God is right and your God is wrong!
    It is the same God!

  3. “…The image captures perfectly the fact that there are no innocent civilians in Israel…”

    WTF? When Israeli children die they deserve it?

    There is something seriously wrong with you. No child deserves to die in this useless violence. Both sides should be doing what they can to keep the children out of this insanity……

    Hezbollah’s Al Manar TV …….

  4. I don’t know if this helps you feel better or not but this Image/the story behind it DID make the American media.

    and you’ll never guess where. The Daily Show on Comedy Central.

    Which should probably make CNN ashamed.

  5. “there are no innocent civilians in Israel. These are a people who are militarized from age 3”.

    Have you seen the images of the young Palestinian children parading with fake bomb vests? Uh, maybe I missed your comment on that. In any case, the notion that all Israelis (or Palestinians) are combatants, including children, is loathsome beyond description. Either you have lost your soul or you are crazy. Ideology, of course, can do both. It drains humanity from the human heart. And you, my dear, seem as drained and devoid of common humanity as it is possible to be. It’s rather sickening to behold.

  6. How can the people of Los Angeles fritter away their money when their are still Israeli children who deserve to die?

  7. “No innocent civilians in Israel”.

    Thank you bitch. Thank you for the Jihadist take on things. That’s exactly the excuse they use when they blow up buses in tel aviv, or Sbarro restaurants in Jerusalem full with women and children. “No zionist is innocent”. the 18 month old baby we kill today will one day be a zionist soldier, so he deserves to die now. makes sense in the islamonazi universe, right?

    also, thank you for being so balanced – living in a free country like lebanon that harbors iranian terror regiments who fire 4,000 missiles on purpose on civilian targets and don’t even try to say they’re aiming at military ones. every zionist is a target in your world – women, children. Striking them on purpose is no cuase for shame. you’re not even trying to hide it.

    thanks for showing all of us that the islamonazi cancer can affect jews as well, or should I say kikes, in your case. you would have made an excellent kapo in a concentration camp — you know… the ones that never existed outside of the zionist imagination…

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