Nahr el Bared Relief Campaign

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GUEST: Dr. Marcy Newman, Co-founder of the Nahr el Bared Relief Campaign and a Professor of English at Boise State University

This week marks three months since fighting began, fueled by U.S.-made weapons, at the Nahr al-Bared refugee camp in Northern Lebanon. Lebanon houses the largest number of Palestinian refugees as they make up over 10 percent of the population. Palestinians have called on the Lebanese government to lift restrictions and improve their quality of life. Their demands include the improvement of conditions in camps such as Nahr el-Bared, and the right to work and participate in more than 70 trades and professions. Complicating the situation is the worsening political crisis in the camps as the Lebanese Army continues to bomb the Fatah al-Islam militants inside Nahr el Bared. When the fighting first began, 13,000 of the 31, 000 camp residents fled to nearby camp Bedawwi leaving fighters, their wives and children trapped inside. Last Monday, Prime Minister Fouad Siniora met with the Palestine Liberation Organization’s Lebanon representative Abbas Zaki to discuss the conditions of Nahr al-Bared refugees.

For more information visit, www.electronicintifada.net/lebanon/ and www.nahrelbaredcampaign.org/


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