min nablus al yom…

A message from our Executive Director Alison Weir:

Dear Friends,

I’ve been outside the Ain camp in Nablus, where the Israeli military has people under siege. They shot a crippled man early this morning and then would not allow the ambulance in to treat him. He died — he was a civilian, not part of the resistance. I talked to the ambulance driver; his hand is bandaged because they shot it when he was trying to treat people. A few boys and young men occasionally gather to try to throw stones and the Israelis send an armored jeep out to shoot at them. I’m back at An Najah now for a radio interview, but will go back to the camp later on. Apparently the soldiers inside are going house to house terrorizing people… some people came out, saying they didn’t have any food.

Please contact the Israeli embassy – +1.202-364-5500

Call on them to:

allow ambulances in to treat people or evacuate the wounded — it appears that there are 5 or 6 people who have been hurt; I don’t think any are serious, but I could be wrong;

stop firing at unarmed civilians and terrorizing a dense, poor neighborhood full of children.

Additional Information

1. ‘Israel Raids West Bank Refugee Camp,’ Al Jazeera

2. ‘Palestinians who died following an infringement of the right to medical treatment,’ B’Tselem

3. ‘Israel: Cease Attacking Medical Personnel,’ Human Rights Watch

Thank you,

Alison Weir
Executive Director,
If Americans Knew


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