bush on “human rights”

will we ever cease to live in this alice in wonderland world where everything is upside down and backwards? perhaps israel is singled out because it is one of the major human rights violators on the planet. perhaps it is because it refuses to obey any international law? perhaps it is because palestinians rights are never considered as human rights under international law by the u.s. or israel?
clipped from www.jpost.com

US President George W. Bush blasted the UN Human Rights Council for singling out Israel while ignoring major human rights violators, in his speech at the opening of the UN General Assembly on Tuesday.

US President Bush addresses the 62nd session of the United Nations General Assembly at UN headquarters.

Photo: AP

Bush said that for the United States to be credible in standing up for human rights, “the UN must reform its own human rights council.”

The UN was “silent on repression” in places like Caracas and Teheran while it focused its criticism “excessively on Israel,” he said.

Bush also mentioned Israel in his reaffirmation of a two-state solution and call for the international community to help by backing Palestinian moderates. “The international community must support these leaders,” he said.


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