horowitz caught

Well, it seems that David Horowitz got word that his image representing Islamo-Fascism Awareness Week was not of a woman about to be stoned in Iran as he claimed, but rather a photo of the Dutch actress Smadar Monsinos because he changed his icon for his week calling for hatred and bigotry directed at Muslims on U.S. university campuses. There was a bit on Keith Olbermann on MSNBC (you need to scroll down to where it says September 28th/David Horowitz to see the clip) calling attention to this and I noticed today that Horowitz changed his website image. Who knows what European film this one came from. For details on this and to see the original images go to Sadly No! Also, for those interested in fighting Horowitz’s hateful campaigns on your campuses keep updated with the Defend Dissent and Critical Thinking in America.


2 thoughts on “horowitz caught

  1. For once, we actually agree on something; I plan to be on BSU’s campus later this week protesting the decision of the Young Republicans to sponsor this event.

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