Iran government backs parliament’s “terrorist” label for US army, CIA

one word: al hamdulilah!
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Iran’s Foreign Ministry on Sunday joined the country’s parliament in labeling the U.S. Army and CIA as terrorist organizations in a largely symbolic move.

Ministry spokesman Mohammad Ali Hosseini told reporters in his weekly brief that he agreed with the symbolic resolution passed by Iran’s hardline parliament Saturday, which condemned the two American institutions for its actions in Japan in World War II, as well as more recently in the Balkans, Afghanistan and Iraq.

“The label of terrorist is suitable for the military and security forces of the United States,” he said. The move is seen as a response to a U.S. Senate resolution Wednesday calling for Iran’s Revolutionary Guard to be labeled a terrorist organization.


One thought on “Iran government backs parliament’s “terrorist” label for US army, CIA

  1. That is perfect! And why not? Why should the fundamentalist maniacs in D.C. have all the labeling authority? (Oh yeah. I forgot. They’re the ones with the big guns drawn and corporate media in their pockets, so they control the discourse.)

    Truth be told, the US entities are more suited for the label; after all, they’re sponsoring, collaborating with, and harboring the MeK (directly), Jundallah (indirectly), and other buccaneering outfits. And those groups are not legitimate liberation organizations a la Hizballah and Hamas.

    Jundallah makes no bones about it; they come right out admitting that they blew up this bus and that building, and that they kidnapped these people, and tortured those women. Scores of Iranian Revolutionary Guardsmen have died in Jundallah bombings over the last few years. US government entities support those groups which, btw, are on the State Department’s list of terrorist organizations (MeK, since ’97). That doesn’t even begin to mention the CIA’s murderous activities in Lebanon and the US’ shelling of Shiite neighborhoods in Beirut following the ’83 Marine barracks bombing (based, of course, on “intelligence” from pro-Israeli and anti-Iranian groups like the Mossad, the Phalangists, et al.)

    It’s always Iran and Hizballah who are baselessly blamed for all that. But at least Reagan, Gates & Co. were able to save a little face, eh? Crooks.

    I love it. Although we could do without the mindless political games and rhetoric, I am all for putting the abusive, rogue, “superpower” regime in its place, one way or another. Nice post, Marcy.

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