End the War Now!

answer la
October 27 Mass March & Rally in Los Angeles

Coordinated with Regional Protests Across the Country

Saturday, October 27, 12 noon
Gather Olympic & Broadway, Los Angeles
March to downtown Federal Building for Rally

Get involved with the Oct. 27 “Stop the War” mass march and rally in Los Angeles. You can endorse, organize transportation, volunteer and download anti-war literature to pass out in your community. Please read this entire entry for details about Oct. 27 and the Week of Campus Resistance organized by students.

The anti-war movement is gaining momentum as the warmongers in the Bush administration and Congress continue to fund war and occupation. On Sept. 15 in Washington, D.C., nearly 100,000 people marched to stop the war.

Oct. 27 is the next major step. On that day, there will be coordinated anti-war actions in cities throughout the country. The ANSWER Coalition initiated the mass march and rally in LA. Dozens of anti-war/peace and social justice organizations are now working hard to build it as part of the ad hoc LA “Stop the War” Coalition.

Many thousands of people of all ages and backgrounds will gather on Oct. 27 at 12 noon at the corner of Olympic and Broadway in downtown LA to demand “End the War Now!”

There are 60 organizing and transportation centers in the Southern California area building for Oct. 27. Become a center where you live or click below to find one in your neighborhood.


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