It is hard to wrap my head around the various modes of silencing and repression in this latest series of events. First, the U.S. House of Representatives decides to write a resolution that recognizes the Armenian genocide of 1915. The queen of deceit and cowardice, Nancy Pelosi, of course won’t admit that she and other representatives have been called on by the White House to shut down the bill:

President Bush telephoned Pelosi on Tuesday to urge her not to bring up the resolution, which calls on the president to “accurately characterize the systematic and deliberate annihilation of 1,500,000 Armenians as genocide.” Pelosi said on national television Sunday that she had never heard from the president on the issue. Nine of the 11 lawmakers who withdrew their support this week are Democrats, and one of Pelosi’s closest allies — Rep. John Murtha (D-Pa.), chairman of the House Defense Appropriations Committee — is working to defeat the measure. The House leadership has yet to set a date for a vote but has been aiming to hold it before Thanksgiving.

The pressure to silence this serious issue stems from the fact that the U.S. uses Turkey for its military operations in Iraq. The fact that Turkey withdrew its ambassador over this and that the U.S. could be threatened in this way is fantastic, but not over an issue such as silencing this genocide.

Amazingly, this same week Turkey decides to approve to join the war in Iraq by invading Kurdistan:

Turkey’s parliament has approved by a large majority a government request to allow troops to cross into northern Iraq to take military action Kurdish fighters based there.

These two minority groups have endured a lack of sovereignty, a lack of land, genocide, massacres, and severe repression, especially for Armenians and Kurds in Turkey, for whom speaking their language constitutes an insult to Turkishness. Just when you think this war couldn’t get any worse.


One thought on “Turkey

  1. You are such an idiot… You’re such a Turkish basher it’s not even funny!

    Wanna know what’s amazing? How the democratic party are taking an additiontal 5 weeks off 3 months they already get off.

    You’re talking about it’s amazing how things are silenced? Are you talking about the Democratics attempt to silence AM TALK RADIO?!

    Why are you so bent and concentrated on attacking Turkey? Face it… Turkey is a beautiful country that has the best land in the area. We have a big ass army and we keep to ourselves mainly… There’s a reason there are so many haters of Turkey just like there’s so many haters of America. They wish they can be like us.

    You’re damn right Turkey’s going to go to Northern Iraq and take care of any PKK (terriost group) activity that that regions hides. We have the same goals as the USA. We’re agaist Terriosm and the USA, EU, and Turkey all consider them Terriost! Awwww these people are repressed…

    Anyone that doesn’t know about this issue, go ask where Kurdistan is. They will tell you. They believe that Norther Iraq, Eastern Turkey, Syria, and parts of other countries belong to them for no apparent reason.

    I so love that George Bush pisses you off. The Iraq war is turning out to be a sucess and the Iraqs will soon be taking over. You were wrong about the war just like you’re wrong about everyhing.

    George Bush is doing everything right to protect the interests of USA and all of our western allies. Go get a life!

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