oh, the irony!

dennis bernstein was brilliant yesterday on flashpoints: i think he is the only journalist to point out the irony that george w. bush is willing to deny the armenian holocaust to please turkey. and yet, somehow we find it unforgivable that mahmoud amhadinejad merely questions the way that the nazi holocaust gets used in manipulative ways by zionists wanting to rationalize their immoral occupation of palestine. hmmmm…there is something wrong with this picture.

bush cartoon


One thought on “oh, the irony!

  1. Wow… Where do I begin?!

    First off… quit your propaganda and stick to facts and issues. We all know that people use political cartoons to reach stupid people. Let me guess, you know Barrack Obama….

    While this whole “Genocide” you speak of happened, it was between the Ottoman Empire and Armenia. Let’s get this straight. Do some research and you’ll see that the Turkish REPUBLIC was not around then.

    While the Ottomans were off fighting WWI the Armenians decided to come into the Ottoman Empire (look it up and see where in the world that is… idiot) and killed all the women and children. When the Ottomans came home to see what had happened, they took revenge. I don’t see how this is all considered a “Genocide”.

    If this “Genocide” occured, why does the Republic of Turkey need to take the blame? The Ottoman Empire consisted of the following countries: Iraq, Syria, Jordan, Lebanon, Palestine, Bulgaria. Why wouldn’t these countries take the balme also?

    Our you insisting that our beloved Mustafa Kemal Ataturk would order such an attack? Say that to my face and I would not like to be you.

    George Bush actually is smart and also knows how valuable Turkey is as an American Democratic Ally and only Muslim Nation in NATO.

    It disgusts me to see how Armenians are coming to Los Angles and California on Welfare while they are driving around BMW’s with designer sunglasses and suits living here on the U.S tax payers dollars. It’s a shame on how the Armenian government can progandize, bribe, and lobby against the Turkish republic in such manner.

    I do not see how a USA relationship with Armenia can be more valuable then the USA relationship with the Republic of Turkey. We love OUR ALLIES!

    Well unlike where you are from, because you definatly aren’t Turkish, in America we can’t silence the opposing view and you are wrong in your thoughts and ideas. You know nothing of the subject or matter and have done no research on the subject. I question your education level and degree of anaylzing data.

    Never step foot in the Western Republic of Turkey. You’re not welcome there.

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