students against hate

Students Against Hate

To: All of Humanity

I am against any form of hate speech on our campuses and in our communities.

I am in support for equality between all human beings, including all genders, races, and ethnic and religious groups.

I am in support of justice, freedom and peace for all people.

I am in support of the “Students United Against Hate” Campaign.

(We request that you write your name and school name if you attend a university or college.)

For more information, email: my.bridge[at]

What is “Students United Against Hate”?
MAS Youth is proud to launch “MY Bridge,” a campaign that will be implemented on the college, high school, and community level in an effort to bridge the gap in information about Islam.

“MY-Bridge” is a long term campaign that seeks to educate our fellow students, colleagues and neighbors about our faith in an interactive and comprehensive manner. An integral part of this effort will be the building of coalitions with the many organizations and individuals who seek to learn more about Islam, promote healthy coexistence among all Americans of various backgrounds and discredit those who seek to mislead others.

The coalition will work under the banner of “Students United Against Hate” to counter any form of hate speech on our campuses and in our communities.

As the division of the Muslim American Society (MAS) that deals with young people, we identify ourselves as a movement of American Muslim youth and young adults who responded to Allah’s (God’s) call, echoed in the message of the prophet Mohammed, peace and blessings be upon him:

There should always be among you some people who invite to what is good, enjoin what is right and forbid what is wrong; they are the ones to attain felicity. Quran [3:104]


The Undersigned


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