randomly checked:please vote

My friend’s nephew, from Deheishe refugee camp in Palestine, Jehad Abbas Sharmrouch Al Shamarkheh, has entered a film contest “One Nation: Many Voices” sponsored by Mosaic/Link TV. He is a film student in Los Angeles at New York Academy. The short film, “Randomly Checked” was written, co-produced, directed, and edited by him. The contest asks people to vote for their favorite film. Please view his film and vote for it!

Here is a synopsis of the film and a link to the website :

When a community and its language are “to be feared”, the possibility for respectful human interaction becomes obsolete. Their stories, the richness and complexity of the meaning of their words, in short, the humanity of ‘feared’ communities and their histories becomes threatening, rather than a source of education, inspiration and understanding. How do we break cycles of polarization, when we refuse someone the right to communicate – when we are scared of people’s way of expressing themselves, their language?

You can see the film by using this link, and don’t forget to vote and pass it on to other people you think they might be interested, also feel to write your opinion.


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