on borders and solidarity

So I’ve been thinking a lot about one of the angry emails I received for my article in Boise State’s Arbiter last week. This simple email stated in the subject note, “You are a poster child for why middle-class Americans should not go into debt for a college degree.” Inside the email it simply contained a link to an interview with Brigitte Gabriel. Gabriel, a Christian Lebanese woman, is one of the unfortunate few who have used their Arab identity to support Bush’s heinous “war on terror” and does so by supplying Americans with an endless array of lies about Islam, the Arab world, and Lebanon, in particular. At first I was not sure if the email was in response to my article in the Arbiter or in The Idaho Statesman last week. But towards the end it became clear. The video was sent to me because in it she misinforms Americans and instills them with fright by telling them that Hezbollah is sending “terrorist cells” across the U.S. Mexican border. Yet another reason why there must be solidarity among various communities here in the U.S., specifically Mexicans, Arabs, and Muslims who are all marginalized and often mistaken for one another as if any Brown body crossing into American territory is dangerous and must be attacked by militia men taking the law into their own hands.


One thought on “on borders and solidarity

  1. you seem to address yourself as the all knowing of what is going on in the middle east and now cast your great wisdom of knowing what the problems are in the usa and how to solve them. i certainly am not in favor of what the usa is doing in the middle east. also, no one here says that because you are brown you are dangerous to the usa. if you think you are being creative, you are not. the biggest ally that the jews have is this constant in fighting among all the arabs. if they can ever pull together, israel is in serious trouble. but that does not look like it is going to happen.

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