Professor of racism, hate, and terror: the Marcy Newman story

For some context on the story (and I mean that literally) see this image of the typical sort of racist behavior that Boise State’s College Republicans engage in (below). The list of libelous claims here are too numerous to count. It should be noted that Boise State University’s official student newspaper, The Arbiter, refused to publish these because of of the inordinate number of factual errors.

bsu flyer

December 2007
Professor of racism, hate, and terror: the Marcy Newman story


Do you try to silence free speech on campus? Oppress those who differ in ideology? Call for the extermination of entire nations of people? Do you propose to slaughter millions because of their ethnicity? Support the killing of innocent women and children by terrorist bombs and rockets? Do you frequently travel to the Middle East and consort with terrorist organizations? Have you ever been arrested by the Israeli military while participating in violent attacks on Israelis? If you teach English at Boise State, and your name is Marcy Newman, the answer to all the above questions is yes.

Newman listening to a 12/4/07 lecture by Minuteman Chris Simcox

During the early December College Republican-sponsored illegal immigration lecture by Chris Simcox, founder of the Minuteman Civil Defense Corps (MCDC), Marcy Newman sat directly next to me on the front row of seats, giving me an unwanted earful of her vitriol. When Simcox spoke of American citizens supporting the American flag, Newman replied “F— no, I won’t pledge to that f—ing flag!” Every time Simcox made a salient point and his supporters clapped, Newman snarled profanity-laced epithets at him. “F—ing idiot” was one of her favorites. She and the black-masked gang of student disruptors she organized weren’t there to debate any issues, but to try and shut down the speech. She said as much in her blog on December 7, 2007, stating that “by packing the room we also disabled [Simcox] from speaking to a wider or like-minded audience, which was great.” Disabling free speech is great? That says a lot about Newman’s character.

Unfortunately, denying students their First Amendment rights is just the beginning of Newman’s long list of wrongs. Her long-held racist views are undeniable. In an April 19, 2004, guest opinion in the Boise State Arbiter, she wrote that is “inappropriate for white people to be invited as keynote speakers for the MLK events at this institution.” So much for not applying a skin color test in academia! During the Simcox lecture, she also reiterated earlier racist statements made in support of ethnic cleansing. I heard her state several times that the “white occupiers” should be killed, and their land in the United States given to the “original inhabitants.” Her support of racial genocide is reprehensible. Imagine the uproar if a professor at Boise State were to call for the mass murder of all Asians and American Indians in the United States. She would be ridden out of town on a rail. Ms. Newman deserves no less.

Newman’s affinity for violence against innocent populations extends beyond the borders of the United States. On July 12, 2006, after the terrorist organization Hezbollah without provocation began indiscriminately firing rockets into the towns and cities of northern Israel, she wrote in her blog that “I was so elated to hear that someone finally retaliated against the Israeli Occupation Forces.” Calling the innocent men, women, and children living in Zar’it, Shlomi, and other villages “Occupation Forces” reveals the depth of her anti-Israeli bias, and her “elation” over civilian bloodshed at the hands of terrorists is simply appalling.

Newman doesn’t confine her support of terrorism to just the written word. She believes in “putting your body where your mouth is,” as the tagline of her blog states. So it was during the summer of 2005 that she joined the International Solidarity Movement (ISM), an organization that calls itself a peaceful resistance movement, but has been declared to be a terrorist group by the Israeli government.

The organization brings students and other foreigners into Israel to “protest” the existence of Israel, and operates with other Palestinian terror groups (a senior Islamic Jihad terrorist was arrested in an IDF raid on ISM offices). In April 2003, two ISM “volunteers” from Britain, Asif Mohammad Hanif and Omar Khan Sharif, killed three civilians and wounded dozens more in a suicide bombing at pub next to the American Embassy in Tel Aviv. It doesn’t appear that Newman prepared for any suicide attacks, but over July 3-4, 2005, she underwent ISM “training” in the West Bank town of Tulkaram to prepare for the upcoming violent clashes with Israelis.

On July 9, 2005, Newman took part in an ISM-sponsored Palestinian terror attack on the Israeli military in the West Bank village of Bil’in. She called it a “non-violent protest.” The Israeli Defense Forces (IDF) said that the Palestinians violently attacked the Israeli soldiers with Molotov cocktails and stones. The IDF returned fire with rubber bullets and tear gas, forcing the attacking Palestinians (and Newman) to retreat.

Apparently this attack wasn’t enough to satisfy Newman’s lust for violence against Israelis. On July 22, 2005, she returned to Bil’in with more Palestinian and ISM “protestors” for another confrontation with the IDF. This time the IDF arrested Newman and 40 other rioters, and charged them with resisting arrest and entering a closed military zone. After interrogation, she was released when IDF officials determined they didn’t have video evidence of her assaulting IDF soldiers.

Newman doesn’t limit her terrorist buddies to fire-bomb throwing Palestinians in the West Bank. It seems that Fatah-al-Islam, the Palestinian terror group affiliated with Al-Queda, is also near and dear to her heart. When the Lebanese Army attacked Fatah-al-Islam fighters holed up in the Nahar al-Bared Palestinian refugee camp, Newman jumped into action. On June 3, 2007, she and a group of fellow Fatah-al-Islam supporters conducted a “die-in” at the southern main entrance checkpoint to the camp. They lay spread-eagled on the roadway running through the checkpoint, blocking the movement of Lebanese soldiers into the camp, until a squad of soldiers with an armored vehicle removed them.

The list of Newman’s acts of hatred against America and Israel could go on and on. She’s writing a book onerously titled “Disrupting Zionism: Re-educating Americans About Palestine,” founded the hate group Lebanese Campaign to End Israeli Apartheid, and is a regular contributor to the Palestinian propaganda website Electronic Intifada, just to name a few.

Some would say that all of Newman’s ties to terror mean she should be charged with treason. That’s a determination for the proper authorities to make. When I contacted them, the Boise FBI office refused to comment on any past or ongoing investigation of Newman’s activities. Meanwhile, I interviewed a military student in one of Newman’s classes, who was questioned by a military intelligence agency about Newman and her activities. I spoke with Ms. Newman, and offered to publish her statements about her activities in this article, but she declined.

The unbelievable part of the Marcy Newman story is that her reprehensible actions have taken place while she has been a faculty member at Boise State. During the 2005-2006 academic year, she took time off to be a Fulbright scholar at Amman University in Jordan, conducting “research” on Israeli and Palestinian children in between attacks on Israeli soldiers. During the 2006-2007 school year, she filled a visiting professor slot at the American University in Beirut, where she taught classes like “American Zionism” and “Representations of Islam in American Culture,” and took some spare time to support Al-Qaeda-linked terrorist groups and attend Hezbollah rallies.

Now it’s the middle of the 2007-2008 school year, and Marcy Newman is back at Boise State spreading her racism, hate, and propensity for violence. It’s time for her vitriolic reign of terror to end. Students, faculty, community members, taxpayers, it’s time rise up and say no more. It’s time for this outrageous disgrace to be removed from Boise State.

Read details of Newman’s actions in her own words at her blog:

Guest Opinion: College Republicans Oppressed


Boise State University really is too great for hate. As I end my fourth semester as a Bronco and begin my term as President of the College Republicans, my mind was opened even more to the true hate that exists on our campus. Last week our organization hosted Chris Simcox, co-founder of the Minuteman Civil Defense Corps. The day before this event took place students from our group handed out flyers on the quad advertising the event, and challenging all people to attend and become more informed on the issue of illegal immigration.

We were called “fascist, hatemonger, racist,” practically every name in the book, including many not fit to print. This hate was directed at the College Republicans simply because of our political beliefs, by some who call themselves tolerant, peace loving, student activists. Their hypocrisy is appalling. They march for the tolerance and freedom of some groups, but only some. They direct bigotry, racism, violence and hatred at groups with differing ideology. Truly tolerant, diverse, and educated people stand for the tolerance of all groups and people and realize that all people can’t be forced to think alike.

We had an encounter with a hypocritical, intolerant professor on Monday the 3rd while advertising our event. Marcy Newman, an assistant professor of English, approached us and started an interesting conversation. The first words out of her mouth were “We need to kill all white people who ‘occupy’ this country and give this land back to the original inhabitants!” I stood in disbelief at what she had just said. I can’t think of anything more threatening, offensive, and hateful than calling for the mass murder of a whole group of people because of their skin color.

The conversation about genocide quickly shifted to anti-American remarks on her part, including specific hate speech towards our men and women in the armed forces. She said “You Republicans and our troops are committing genocide in Iraq,” and again we were taken back. One of the College Republicans present, an Iraq War veteran, told her about all the good that he had seen the military do in Iraq. She didn’t seem to care, but looked him right in the eye and said “You committed genocide; you and all soldiers’ are nothing but genocidal killers.”

Students of Boise State, the words of Marcy Newman are true hate speech. If you really hate whites and soldiers, like Marcy Newman, the First Amendment allows you to proclaim that, but our student fees and tax dollars shouldn’t support those who call for the mass murder of any race. She should be removed from this University for her support of ethnic genocide. Believe it or not, the College Republicans are victims of hate and intolerance by many on campus, not just young, racist, English professors. I wait for the day that the red “no oppression tolerated” T-shirts will stand up for my group and all groups on campus, not just a select few.


2 thoughts on “Professor of racism, hate, and terror: the Marcy Newman story

  1. Good for you, Marcy. You know what is said about “then they attack you.” Of course your slanderers couldn’t even get to the starting line—much less, prevail.

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