boise brainwashing

Whenever the Zionist police gets nervous they lash out. Often it is done through rhetorical maneuvers that seem subtle to most–so much so that most people don’t even notice them–but sometimes it is done in a way that shows their true colors, their violent side. Usually Palestinian activists are the target, but tellingly at Ryerson University in Toronto it is the East African Students who were the target:

Last week a bulletin board belonging to Ryerson’s East African Students group was set on fire. Material put ablaze included a series of campaigns under the slogans of “United to End Racism,” “Education not Occupation,” “No Justice No Peace,” “Boycott Israeli Apartheid,” and “De-Colonize Ryerson.” Petitions on the board calling for university-based ESL provisions and equitable access to refugee students were also put to flames. Toronto Police have launched an investigation.

This vicious targeting of a politicized black student group tells us this is not an isolated incident, but a symptom of larger systemic issues of racism including Eurocentric curricula, security profiling, streaming, access to resources and lack of diverse representation in faculty. It also brings to light the repression faced by student organizations predominantly comprised of women and “visible minorities” who advocate for social change and political justice.

We are calling on all Black students and our allies to join us for a demonstration this coming Tuesday. We aim to collectively raise our voices in outrage at a life-threatening act of violence directed toward African Students; express our commitment to a united student movement for social justice; and our opposition to systemic racism at Ryerson University.

We are calling for:

1) Public declaration of Ryerson University’s commitment to upholding students’ right to organize;

2) Ryerson University’s public condemnation and investigation of this incident;

3) A university audit screening for Eurocentric curricula and systemic racism on campus.

Here in Boise, for the moment anyway, it is taking the usual form: propaganda lessons by the local synagogues and Idahoans United for Israel. This organization, which is largely Christian, created legislation in 2004 at the state level, RS 13935, that stated: “this resolution is to convey support to the state of Israel in their resistance to terror. He said the United States stands with Israel and supports their right to self defense.” Al Hamdulilah, this legislation did not pass. But now they are up to filling the heads of local Boise residents with propaganda in their four-week “educational” series entitled “The Case for Israel” (a not-so-subtle allusion to Alan Dershowitz?). The Chabad Lubivitch of Idaho (Orthodox Jews) and Ahavath Beth Israel are hosting this event (see pdf flyer below). It’s hard to know if this is in response to growing pro-Palestinian activism here in Boise, but true to form the Zionists are re-asserting their narrative. The problem is that they have a captive audience. They have an audience who is largely ignorant and who is readily receptive to their mythologies because whatever it is they think they know comes from biblical representations or Fox/CNN.

Maybe it is a bit premature to think that they are nervous about the Idaho Campaign to End Israeli Apartheid. Maybe they are trying to circumvent negative publicity that Israel is receiving as a result of its siege on Gaza, it’s recent assassination of Imad Moughniya in Syria, or it’s renewed desire for war on Lebanon. While it seems highly underreported in the western media, Israel is agitating for war:

Lebanese media sources reported on Monday that the Israeli army shot and killed one Lebanese civilian and kidnapped another from a village at the southern Lebanese Israeli borders on Sunday night.

Additionally, UNIFIL reports of more Israeli violations of Lebanese sovereignty:

The Interim United Nations Force in Lebanon (UNIFIL), which has had bases in the country since the Israel-Lebanon War in the early 1980s, has released a report accusing Israel of multiple severe violations of Lebanese sovereignty.

Alan Narin’s article also makes it clear that Israel is begging for another war with Lebanon:

The man said of his colleagues: “There are a lot of [Israeli] military and cabinet people just dying for a second round with Lebanon. If given the opportunity they’ll take it,” i.e. attack Lebanon again, not in spite of “but because of” the perception that their ’06 attack failed.

Given that the 2006 war on Lebanon occurred in the midst of Israel’s war on Gaza, it would seem plausible that they are wanting to escalate their violence on both sides of the 1948 borders. Current strikes on Gaza and promises of future strikes on Gaza are laid out in the open.

I suppose if I were a Zionist I’d be worried too. I’d be trying to figure out how to do damage control. To cover up all the human rights violations. To pretend as if I were not supporting a terrorist state. To continue the brainwashing process and make everyone think that I belonged to the “chosen people.” That I my manufactured suffering somehow mattered more than everyone else’s. The problem is that this city that based its Human Rights monument on precisely these false premises (i.e., Anne Frank as somehow emblematic of human rights violations when in reality the indigenous peoples of what is now Idaho have incurred far worse suffering than anything recorded during World War II) is predisposed to believe this rhetoric. And herein lies the danger.

boise case for israel


One thought on “boise brainwashing

  1. Oh, no! The other side is expressing their view on Middle Eastern politics! Free expression is running amok! Why can’t everybody just listen to you, Dr. Newman, and plug their ears when the wicked Zionists come around to give their views on Middle Eastern politics?

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