Hang Up on Motorola


Hang Up on Motorola

Demand Corporate Accountability from Motorola/Motorola Israel

The US Campaign to End the Israeli Occupation is excited to announce the launch of our newest corporate accountability campaign—“Hang Up on Motorola”. Under international law, all corporations have obligations to uphold, respect and protect fundamental human rights. Motorola Incorporated and its fully-owned subsidiary Motorola Israel profiteer from Israel’s illegal military occupation and human rights violations, as we document below.

1. Fuses for aerial devices and munitions

Motorola Israel—a fully-owned subsidiary of Motorola Incorporated—produces the 980 Low Altitude Proximity Fuse for the MK-80 series of high explosive bombs. On July 30, 2006, during its war on Lebanon, the Israeli Air Force dropped an MK-84 high-explosive bomb on an apartment building in Qana, Lebanon killing at least 28 civilians, many of whom were children.

2. Communication devices for military occupation

The $100 million contract used to develop and supply the ‘Mountain Rose’ secure cell phone communication system to the Israeli military directly enhances the coordination and monitoring capabilities of the occupying forces in their illegal military operations in the Palestinian territories. Israel routinely engages in gross patters of human rights violations in its military occupation of the Palestinian West Bank, East Jerusalem, and the Gaza Strip, including but not limited to the killing and injuring of civilians, torture, extra-judicial assassinations, the deliberate destruction of civilian infrastructure, acts of collective punishment and economic warfare are but a few examples of Israel’s human rights violations.

3. Radar detection devices for Israel’s illegal Wall

Motorola Israel supplies Israel with the Wide Area Surveillance System (WAAS) to monitor and maintain the illegal wall/fence barrier it has constructed in violation of the July 2004 International Court of Justice (ICJ) advisory opinion.

4. Radar Detection devices for Israel’s Illegal Settlements

Motorola Incorporated set up advanced radar detection devices and thermal cameras in 47 Israeli settlements. According to the Fourth Geneva Conventions, Article 49, it is considered a war crime for an Occupying Power to transfer its civilian population into an Occupied Territories. Motorola Incorporated provisions of these systems helps to entrench them on expropriated Palestinian territory, in direct violation of international law.

All of these concerns previously were brought to Motorola, yet they have failed to respond to our concerns as well as sufficiently address the concerns by the New England United Methodist Church’s divestment task force.

Join us to demand that Motorola and its fully-owned subsidiary Motorola Israel:

* end its production and sales of fuses for all weapons to Israel
* end its production and sales of all communication devices to the Israeli military including all radar detection devices
* end its production and sales of all products that aid and support Israel’s illegal settlements


1. Send a letter to Motorola CEO Greg Brown calling on Motorola to stop profiteering from Israel’s illegal military occupation and human rights abuses by clicking here.
2. Read the US Campaign’s letter to Motorola by clicking here.
3. Download a petition and postcards that you can circulate to educate and organize people on this issue.


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