What are the latest ramifications of Petrol cuts on Gaza?

As Israel cuts Petrol on Gaza… life comes to an end!

1. More than 85% of cars and vehicles in Gaza are completely stopped due to absence of fuel, diesel and Gasoline. The other 15% would be stopped in the coming few days.

2. More than 65% medical vehicles, vans and lorries are stopped and the rest will be stalled shortly.

3. Municipalities and domestic societies’ facilities running by fuel and gasoline are halted!

4. Drink and irrigation water wells are partially nonworking and soon will completely be stopped pumping water for civilians! Agricultural products will no longer grow and will die before it’s due to be consumed.

5. Fishermen will not fish in the Palestinian water as the motorboats need fuel and gasoline.

6. Storage reserve of fuel for hospitals and clinics will run out soon. Thus, if power blackout hits Gaza back, tens of civilians would absolutely die.

7. Over 40 million liters of waste and untreated water are being pumped on daily basis into the Mediterranean sea. The environmental crisis started to loom vowing of humanitarian dilemmas for people.

8. Waste water is leaking to reach the groundwater wells in addition to stoppage of renovation process of waste water south of Gaza strip.

9. Students of school, colleges, universities and kindergartens are not able to get to their study places. Therefore, educational life is completely paralyzed.

10. Doctors, nurses, patients and employees of hospitals are not able to reach clinics, health centers and hospitals. Thus, tremendous health complications would happened in addition to more victims would be dying soon.

11. Public sector employees are no longer able to get to their work premises especially those who dwell in remote areas!

12. Landline, cell phone and internet networks would be halted in the coming few days, especially if any power blackout happens.

13. Dealers are not able to distribute food stuff to markets and shops. Thus, disequilibrium would happen for civilians especially kids and infants who need complete nutrition.

So, everything working on petrol derivatives would be stopped! So you can count a lot of serious consequences would happen.


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