on lobbies, pastors, and candidates

Amidst the exhaustion from packing I had to take a brief break to comment on the parade around Obama’s declaration. Is it a coincidence that I wake up to hearing that he’s the candidate and that the AIPAC conference is going on this week? Yes, I realize that it does not matter who the candidate is–Clinton and McCain were there too. But Obama is a candidate who does know better. Literally I woke up to a message telling me “Sen. Barack Obama vowed Wednesday that Jerusalem must ‘remain the capital of Israel, and it must remain undivided.'” (Thanks Tam Tam!) Is it another coincidence that the Israelis are already scheming to make Jerusalem the capital of Jews all over the planet? “The Israeli Parliament passed in preliminary reading a bill on Wednesday to consider the city of Jerusalem as capital of Israel all the Jews world wide.”

I’ve been dying to write about the whole Pastor Hagee controversy with McCain in comparison to Obama’s former Reverend Jeremiah Wright. It has been amazing to me that the media has raked Wright over the coals while Hagee and McCain seem to get a pass. Ironically, anyone who has actually read a speech by Martin Luther King, Jr. recently will recall that so much of what he said is present in Wright’s sermons just updated for a more contemporary context. Wright is brilliant and I only wish that more Christian preachers sounded like this instead of collaborating as Christian Zionists. Here is Wright’s brilliant speech and Wright discussing it on Bill Moyers:

Finally, lest those of you are fooled by the AAI’s James Zoby recent email and program, J Street is Zionist. As is true for much of the Zionists in the U.S. they thrive on being devious Naji Ali’s podcast illustrates just how they are trying to present themselves as “peaceful” and different than AIPAC though that couldn’t be further from the truth.


3 thoughts on “on lobbies, pastors, and candidates

  1. Hey, I’ve been following your blog since a fellow student at William Jewell College told me about your visit there a few months ago. I’m probably more sympathetic to your cause since most of my education the Israeli-Palestinian Conflict occurred at the University of Oxford. I’m starting to get excited about my first trip to Israel and the West Bank this summer with an Interfaith Peace-Builders delegation.

    Like you, I find it quite frustrating that the AIPAC conference is one of the few places where US presidential candidates agree. Any contentious move on Jerusalem is a step backwards in the peace process since the status of the city is a pivotal part of negotiations. Do you think there’s a chance that a new congress in 2009 might check a presidential decision to move the embassy?

  2. J Street is quite different than AIPAC, and is condemning Joseph Lieberman for appearing at Hagee rallies. If one sees attempts at improvement as deviousness, one will never find any reason to hope. And jaded partisanship will rarely have much of an audience.

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