in belad as sham

I’m still trying to get the photographs and the film footage I took in Deheishe the other day uploaded, but I’ve been having computer problems and I’ve been traveling from Palestine to Jordan and now to Syria. But a Harvard student who was in Deheishe with us last week sent me these photographs of a box that the Israeli Occupation Forces left behind. The box shows precisely where these weapons come from, as if there were any doubt: Amrika.

Syria has been great, beautiful, though since we got to Halab in the north I feel like we have crossed over into the Khaleej. It’s so intensely hot. But there are lots of beautiful parks, full of green trees here to shade oneself in. Halab has a different feel than Damascus. It’s really beautiful here, too. But a lot of what we want to see is closed because it’s Friday. We’re hoping to go to the Citadel this afternoon when it cools down a bit and to the hamam tomorrow before heading to Lebanon.

The hotel we’re staying in is a beautiful, relaxing hotel with lots of interesting visitors from New Zeland to Iran to Turkey. I met one guy this morning who rode his bicycle from Shiraz, Iran to the Khaleej and then he tried to enter both Lebanon and Jordan, but neither country allowed him in. He was asked at the Lebanese border if he knew Sayed Hassan Nasrallah and if so he could as Nasrallah to allow him in. It’s ironic that he can’t get into some of these countries because he’s doing this to try to bring a message of Islamic unity wherever he travels.

We’re going to try to brave the heat and check out the Christian quarter of the Old City now. Hopefully we won’t melt… And if anyone has heard anything about an explosion in South Lebanon please let me know. We got a news SMS about it yesterday, but could find nothing about it online or in the newspapers. Also…it is interesting what gets banned online here in Belad as Sham. Apparently one cannot access Facebook or As’ad Abu Khalil’s Angry Arab News Service Blog here. 😦


3 thoughts on “in belad as sham

  1. marcy if you’re still in damascus there is a cafe called Ghazal you can access all the blocked websites there. i am sorry i havent sent my email to tamara, i am doing my papers to travel to hungary in four days, it has been crazy! send me an email to my gmail if you need any help! plz?

  2. Marcy – I got here to your blog through a link somewhere. Anyhow – I was recently in Deheishe with a delegation with the Christian Peacemaker Teams. Thanks for writing about the incident – I’ve emailed a contact I made there to follow up about the family. Also – it’s nice to meet someone else somewhat close to where I am – I am a PhD student in Logan, UT – who is so dedicated to Palestine. I am hoping to get ABD and then join the CPT in Hebron or At-Tuwani.


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