prisoner release!

A very historic day is unfolding in Lebanon today. As I write I am watching the exchange of the two dead Israeli Occupation Soldiers and the Lebanese political prisoners in Naqoura at the border of Palestine and Lebanon.

Here are some details of the exchange:

Israel is to free five Lebanese prisoners on Wednesday, including a prisoner held for three decades over a grisly triple murder, in exchange for two soldiers captured by Hezbollah in a deadly cross-border raid two years ago that triggered a devastating war in Lebanon.

It is also set to transfer to Lebanon the bodies of almost 200 Hezbollah fighters and release a number of Palestinians under the prisoner swap mediated by a UN-appointed German diplomat….

The swap, which still requires final approval from the Israeli cabinet, is set to take place with Red Cross supervision at around 6:00 GMT at the Naqura crossing point on the Lebanese-Israeli border….

Israel on Monday transferred four Lebanese detainees – Khaled Zidan, Maher Kurani, Mohammed Sarur and Hussein Suleiman – to another prison where they joined Samir Kantar, who is serving multiple life sentences for a brutal triple murder in Israel in 1979.

Hezbollah is staging its own ceremony in its stronghold in the southern suburbs of Beirut, where speech by Nasrallah will be broadcast on a giant television screen.

Stay tuned…


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