occupation on a plate

“Israel is a country founded on immigration,” says Mona Ibellini a correspondent for Al Jazeera English’s program “Street Food.” Since when was it founded on immigration and not belligerent, militant, settler colonialism? The program features Palestinian as well as Jewish colonists as if they are two people “sharing” this land, as if Palestinians had not had their land stolen where they are harvesting the za’atar that she reports on. Although she highlights the story of an eighty-year-old woman who goes to her former village in 1948 Palestine to pick za’atar and receives a fine of 600 shekels because it is “illegal” for her to pick za’atar. This is presented as a conservation measure, but nothing is presented about legal and illegal with respect to international law and the European Jewish colonization of this land in the first place that made this woman’s act of picking za’atar illegal in the first place. The program ends on a note of normalization. It focuses on Chefs for Peace at a restaurant called Eucalyptus, obviously far from East Jerusalem and the old city. The program moves from some veiled references to Israeli theft (“appropriation” in the show’s language) of Palestinian food to co-existence on a plate. No context of this conflict and its relationship to food. They say that food is symbolic of the conflict, but without sharing how the theft of Palestinian food and land is precisely the heart of this matter. This is how Zionism infiltrates even the better of news sources.


One thought on “occupation on a plate

  1. That’s exactly why i hate the term “Israeli-Palestinian conflict”, do we use “conflict” when French occupied Syria? do we use “French-Syrian conflict” or we do acknowledge that there was indeed, colonialism and occupation, and thus, resistance was out of the question.
    our whole outlook (misreading) to this “conflict” is itself a normalization with “occupation”.
    i think there should be a very careful usage of words and terminologies that are constructed by Zionist institutions which Arabs themselves continue to use while “defending” Palestinians national and political rights, hence they damage the occupation of Palestine cause.

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