i think not. earlier today i read this piece in the guardian about starbucks profits falling in england. just now a new article appeared on electronic intifada about protests and the boycott movement against starbucks for supporting the zionist state. read & decide for yourself:

Starbucks posts first loss

Coffee giant Starbucks has reported its first ever quarterly loss but fighting talk about its future prospects impressed investors who drove up its shares more than 4% in after-hours trading in the US late last night.

In the UK, the company admitted that Britons are not frequenting its stores as often as they did earlier this year, but said it will press ahead with its recently announced deal with food service company SSP to open 150 Starbucks outlets in airports and train stations in the UK and elsewhere in western Europe.

now compare this to Palestine student society and striking workers picket Starbucks

Students and striking local government workers united to picket a London School of Economics (LSE) event in Starbucks on Kingsway, Holborn last week, in opposition to their support for the state of Israel’s occupation of Palestine.

The LSE Annual Fund and Alumni Relations departments had teamed up with Starbucks to offer an “afternoon of free coffee and cake tasting for Postgraduates,” in a clear attempt by the global coffee chain to undermine the role of the LSE Students’ Union as the primary supplier of refreshments on LSE’s campus.

Students have previously expressed outrage at LSE Director Howard Davies’ active support of organizations complicit with Israel’s occupation of Palestine. Davies, a member of the National Council of the Academic Study Group of the Friends of Israel Education Foundation, has previously refused the School’s endorsement of informal links established between LSE academics and Birzeit University in Palestine. The Academic Study Group was founded in 1977 for the “promotion of new collaborations” with Israeli institutions. Israeli human rights groups have accused these institutions of being “part and parcel of Israel’s colonial system of oppression against the Palestinians.”


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