“Jordan is a Palestinian state.”–David Horowitz

Where do I even begin? There is nothing like watching David Horowitz before one goes to sleep to nauseate and agitate you ad infinitum. But I subjected myself to this because when it comes to listening to Zionists I must be masochistic. Last night Horowitz was on Al Jazeera English’s “Riz Khan” program with Hussein Ibish. The conversation was primarily about Horowitz’s renewed “Islamofascist Awareness Week,” which he subjected American universities to last year, and his newfangled version of this which he is calling “Stop the Jihad on Campus” this year. I wish they had had a better debater than Ibish on the program, but Ibish and Khan as well did do a good job of pointing out his deceit and racism and Islamophobia on some points. I’ll post the videos from Youtube below, but here are some of the most reprehensible and disgusting highlights from the program:

Ibish, quoting from Horowitz’s blog on his Front Page online magazine, says: “‘Israel had every right to annex the West Bank and Gaza from the so-called Palestinians’…’Israel should have done just that and expelled the Arab aggressors from Gaza and the West Bank.'”

Horowitz responds to these statements by pretending that he did not author them: “You’ve gotta stop lying about my site.”

Ibish: “i just read from your blog.”

At issue in most of this program is Horowitz’s assertion that Muslim Student Associations (MSAs) on university campuses are funded by or connected to Hamas and Hezbollah. Literally every word out of this man’s mouth is a lie, distortion, fabrication not to mention deeply offensive. Like all Zionists he twists the truth and turns reality on its head. It’s the Alice in Wonderland modus operandi: everything is upside down and backwards. Here is what Horowitz says about MSAs: “I want them to make the statement once, they [all Muslim Student Associations] have refused continually over the course of a year, to say: I condemn Hamas as a genocidal terrorist organization. Or they could simply say I condemn Hamas as a terrorist organization. In the same way i would like to hear Riz Khan and other people on this network criticize their network for having a birthday celebration for a monster named Samir Quntar who murdered a father in front of his four-year-old and then smashed the child’s brain’s out. Why is Al Jazeera supporting this Muslim terrorist?”

My head is spinning. First, Quntar is not a Muslim; he is Druze. Second, he worked with leftist Palestinian resistance organizations that were secular, not religious. Third, that was not a birthday party. I was there. It was a celebration of the release of political prisoners who are tortured ad infinitum in Israeli jails. These are fighters who deserve all of our support because they are resisting a brutal colonialism whether in Lebanon or in Palestine. And as I reported earlier this summer, the facts of this case are not at all as Horowitz is suggesting. Quntar denies this as does the court transcript from Israel’s so-called judicial system. Finally, there was actually some media coverage a week or so ago about Israel demanding an apology and Al Jazeera denying that it had.

A caller to the show asks what Horowitz’s definition of a “moderate Muslim” is and Horowitz responds: “I would like to hear tolerance for other groups. concern when there is a concerted effort by your own community to destroy, for example the Jewish state.”

Ibish chimes in to demonstrate how hypocritical and deceitful Horowitz is, once again reading from Horowitz’s blog: “‘Arabs do nothing on impulse. Muslims have no allegiance to their country. Their only allegiance is to Islam. That’s what they’ve taught since birth. That’s all they know. Muslims have no borders.’ Now I’m sure you would you agree with me that that is the international Jew, the old anti-Semitic stereotype, reworded and turned into the international Muslim. That’s from your own website. Why would you publish that? Explain it to me like I’m a three-year-old.”

Horowitz, of course, cannot answer. For those who don’t believe how racist and intolerant Horowitz is you can click on the above links and read for yourself. Khan also chimes in at this point, challenging Horowitz’s intolerance in light of his demand for “tolerant Muslims”: “These articles that you publish on your website, they don’t really promote the idea of tolerance.”

Horowitz’s reply: “I think you’re wrong. I’ve always promoted tolerance and ecumenicism. I invite people to come on to my platforms and debate them. And i do show respect for them. What i don’t have respect for is when there is a concerted effort to destroy the Jewish state and to kill the Jews”

Once again we have here an excellent example of Jewish supremacy (an extension of white supremacy). It’s only the Jews who matter. It’s only the Jews who get killed who matter for Zionists like Horowitz.

So Ibish asks Horowitz straight out: Do you support a Palestinian state? That’s a simple question. Should we have two states? Israel and Palestine living side-by-side in peace?”

And here is where it gets to its most reprehensible state. Horowitz responds: “Do you support the creation of a Palestinian state in Jordan, which is 70% Palestinian?”

Ibish: “No, in Palestine alongside Israel.”

Horowitz: “Oh, oh, oh, so it’s only the… perfect. so…”

Ibish: “It’s the international consensus.”

Horowitz: “Jordan is a Palestinian state, but it doesn’t have a Palestinian government.Because I don’t believe…because i agree with the statement. I believe that the Palestinian national movement, which was founded by a Nazi, Al Husseini, literally an ally of Hitler, went to Berlin to…”

Ibish: “See you complain about people…”

Horowitz: “No. I just said i want Jordan to be a Palestinian state.”

Ibish: “That’s exactly right. You don’t want a Palestinian state in Palestine.”

Horowitz: “I do want a Palestinian state in Jordan. And they can annex the West Bank.”

Now my head is really spinning. Same old lies. Same old deceit. Same old Zionist colonial ordering of the world to suit their needs and ethnic cleansing. He clearly is advocating more ethnic cleansing and transfer here. But, no, Horowitz says, Muslims must repudiate Hamas and Hezbollah: which are legitimate resistance organizations under international law!

A final disgusting comment from this man and then I’ll leave readers to decide after watching this program. Horowtiz apparently also is an American supremacist in addition to being a Jewish supremacist. Because when a caller from France asked about extraordinary rendition practices by the CIA, Horowitz says: “It doesn’t affect American citizens.” Oh, so i guess it’s okay then. Wait–if it affects Canadian citizens would it matter? Because Maher Arar is Canadian and he endured torture at the hands of CIA operatives.

And one final note about the so-called Muslim designs on killing Jews which Horowitz goes on about ad museum: during any given week in Palestine Jews are not kidnapped, tortured, murdered; they do not have their homes destroyed, they are not kept in prison-like conditions in their little cantons. Here is just an idea about how Jewish Israelis in the Israeli Aggressive Forces enacted such quotidian policies on Palestinians (similar figures can be found on the Palestinian Centre for Human Rights for any given week):

*31 Palestinian civilians, including 10 children, and three international human rights defenders, were injured by IOF gunfire in the West Bank.
* 27 of these civilians were injured when IOF used force against 3 peaceful demonstrations organized in protest at the construction of the Annexation Wall in Ne’lin village, west of Ramallah.
*IOF conducted 40 incursions into Palestinian communities in the West Bank.
* IOF arrested 37 Palestinian civilians, including 10 children.
*IOF raided and confiscated the equipments of three radio stations in Hebron.
* IOF have continued to impose a total siege on the OPT, and have isolated the Gaza Strip from the outside world.
* IOF troops positioned at various checkpoints in the West Bank arrested at least one Palestinian civilian.
* IOF have continued settlement activities in the West Bank and Israeli settlers have continued to attacks Palestinian civilians and property.
* IOF confiscated 6 donums[1] of land in Jenin and 1,500 square meters of land in the center of Hebron.
*Israeli settlers continued to attack Palestinian civilians and property in Hebron.


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