baha’a if you are reading this…

…or if anyone who knows where baha’a is right now: please sms me or send me an email. immediately. your jordan cell is not working and i’m very worried about your border crossing!


3 thoughts on “baha’a if you are reading this…

  1. habibti marcy i know that bahaa is in jordan visiting his mother and that he’s staying there for 10 days, he had issues with his cell before so it might be broken or something.
    i’ll ask around if anyone knows more,
    p.s i was in a workshop all day for the past three days that’s why i didnt reply earlier, sorry!

  2. hi razan–thanks for the reply. i know he went to jordan and that is why i’m worried. he told me right before he left and he promised he’d sms me when he arrived. he didn’t and his cell is not working. i’m just worried because you know what happens at that border…

  3. for anyone who was looking for baha’a, i found his mom’s cell phone number and have confirmed that he is okay. but i had good reason to be worried…

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