the raid in nablus last night was worse than i thought…

…or worse than my student realized. this just in: the israeli terrorist forces raided a dorm and kidnapped several students from my university–an najah–in nablus yesterday. this is what it means to be a student under occupation:

Israeli troops kidnap six college students from Nablus

author Thursday August 28, 2008 11:23
author by Rula Shahwan – IMEMC News Report this post to the editors

An Israeli military force kidnapped six Palestinian civilians from the West Bank city of Nablus on Thursday at dawn, local sources reported

A number of Israeli military vehicles and jeeps invaded the city, and began shooting gunfire and concussion grenades.

In addition, soldiers surrounded a number of houses and harassed civilians by throwing sound bombs for over two hours.

Troops invaded students’ dorms in the city and kidnapped Walid Sabane, Hikmat Jabar, Abd Allh Bsharat, Ahmad Fares, and Ala Jadan and Wael Bishrat . The soldiers took them to an undisclosed location after ransacking their dorms.

The Israeli army often kidnaps Palestinian civilians without any justification, and usually transfers them to detention centers inside Israel proper which are inaccessible to Palestinians, an issue which violates International Law, and Israel’s obligations as an Occupying Power under the Fourth Geneva Convention.

Invasions of Nablus occur on a nearly daily basis, and Israeli troops often target the students of An-Najah University, which is one of the largest universities in the West Bank.


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