why i still have a problem with the free gaza boat:

as soon as the free gaza boat left, israeli terrorist forces kidnap fishermen. this is the problem with nonviolent activists who descend upon an area in palestine and then leave. when they leave the place becomes even more besieged. no, gaza is not now free. gaza has not been free for over 120 years.

IDF arrests 4 Gaza fishermen

Published: 08.29.08, 14:38 / Israel News

Israel arrested four fishermen from the Gaza Strip on Friday when naval vessels intercepted their boats off the Mediterranean coast, Israeli and Palestinian officials said.

An Israeli military spokesman said navymen stopped three fishing boats early on Friday after they floated beyond Gaza’s territorial waters toward Israel, and that the fishermen on board were “Taken for questioning in Israel.” (Reuters)


3 thoughts on “why i still have a problem with the free gaza boat:

  1. I agree 100% – I am having as well a BIG problem with the whole boat thing already from start!
    What happened now and will happen further down the road was well to be expected – did anyone think seriously the Israeli shayettet will grow all of a sudden have triple halos and turn ino passionate and benevolent bunch of guys??

    As hapy as I am fur these 10 people go get out … it was a ONE-time thing as the second time, no doubt whatsoever, Israel will unleash her viciousness on this boat and it’s activists!! Not only will the boat fail to reach Gaza a second time – did ever anyone thing of the many NGO’s which are inevitably taken down with them?? NGOs which did a fantastic job and will now be put on teir “terror-list”?

    I have been to Gaza several times and love the people to pieces … and would do EVERYTHING in my power to help – but it must make SENSE!! I am a goal-oriented person … there MUST be a longer-term outcome and give relief and help for MORE than “only” ten people!

    Gaza is everything but free now and the siege everything else but lifted .. so what was won? It was a one-time ray of light … only for to disappear after a few days and leave nothing but darkness. And about these fisherman … you rite theyr’re taken to Israel for questioning? We all know what that means …

    Thanks Marcy for a great post – as always!

  2. hi Marcy… I think you are better at analysis than me. But. Firstly, I think it should be born in mind that fishermen were shot at and injured and kidnapped before the FreeGaza boats 1-5 (it was 5 so far wasn’t it – slightly lost track) came, and they continue to be after. That’s Israeli occupation, it’s not about the Free Gaza boats.

    Secondly, about a quarter of the original Free Gaza boat passengers DID stay on when the FG boats left (I’m one), and the following boats have deliberately prioritised anyone who could stay long term. In the last seven months, staying-on Free Gaza boat passengers have accompanied and documented attacks on fishermen and farmers at their request (not surprisingly they do not feel safe to carry cameras themselves.)

    All the human rights workers that Free Gaza boats brought in, refused to follow the 400 internationals who evacuated Gaza on Israel’s advice the day before the ground incursion began in the recent attacks. Those of us here all had previous Palestine or war experience, several were fluent in Arabic, all were constantly giving interviews and sending out reports during the attacks when there were virtually no journalists left, and the constant message from locals (including the ambulance medics whom we accompanied in their work) is that we were useful and appreciated before, during and after.

    And I know you think we’re a little useful, cos two of our blogs are on your blogroll! Keep up the good work. I still think we should do that Red Car service idea you had one day…

    1. hi renee–or at least i think that is you–it is true that there are people from free gaza, like caoimhe or huwaida, whose work i admire and trust. but the overall problems with foreigners coming in i continue to find problematic. certainly it is important to have you all there as witnesses, but how many of you stayed on to do that? not very many. that was one of my main concerns. another one is the normalization factor, which i am completely opposed to. but this post is old and i have written about free gaza in a different way since then. i continue to think it is a colossal waste of money given the limited amount of relief brought in and the limited amount of time that people spend there. but at the same time, of course, there are people involved in this project whom i love and respect.

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