it’s official: 213 Palestinian political prisoners kidnapped

it took 12 days. since august 25th until today, september 5th, israeli terrorist forces (itf) have now kidnapped more palestinians than they released. they released 199 political prisoners 12 days ago. and after events in the last 24 hours, they have now kidnapped and detained 213 palestinians. here are the cases that brought us up to the current figure:

friday, september 5th, khalil: Israeli forces detained 17 Palestinian citizens from West Bank cities on Friday. From Beit Kahil north of Hebron, 13 were detained, and another four from towns surrounding Ramallah. Ma’an’s correspondent reported from Beit Kahil, saying that a military operation involving at least 25 military vehicles was conducted in the village late Thursday night. The vehicles overran the area and broke into dozens of homes, arresting 13. Those arrested were:

Ahmad Muhammad Ibrahim Al-‘Eqel , a school teacher
Murad Abdel Wahed Al-‘Eqel, a university student
Ayman Ahmad Muhammad Az-Zuhur, a student
Nafeth Muhamad Al-‘Asafreh, a teacher
Muhammad Issa Al-‘Asafreh, a university student
Ahmad Abdel Qader Al-‘Asafreh
Muhamad Sulayman Al-‘Asafreh and his brother Fawzi and Mahmoud Abdel Qader ‘Asafreh
Fesal Mahmoud Az-Zuhur
Sami Abdullah Al-‘Asafreh

friday, september 5th, beit lahem: Two members of the Islamic Resistance Movement affiliated with Hamas were detained on Friday night, and several homes were raised near Bethlehem. Security sources reported to Ma’an that an Israeli military force stormed Bethlehem and overran the town and arrested Hamas activists, including 26-year-olds Hamza Mohammed Al-Sheikh and Mohammed Ali Rabah Al-Sheikh. The men were taken to an unknown location. The sources added that the Israeli army raided the Ad-Duheisha refugee camp in Bethlehem and arrested Adel ‘Attia Ramadan, then released him after several hours of investigations while Israeli forces raided his home.

here is a weekly report from the palestinian centre for human rights in gaza that offers an overall sense of the itf violations this week:

The Palestinian Center for Human Rights, based in Gaza, reports that 18 Palestinians were injured during the week of August 28th to September 3rd. Nine of those injured were children, and two were fishermen who were wounded by Israeli naval troops whilst near the Gaza seashore.


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