this is what nablus woke up to this morning

Nablus – Ma’an – Israeli forces killed 25-year-old Walid Freitikh and arrested two others during a wide scale military incursion in the West Bank city of Nablus on Wednesday evening.

Some 30 Israeli military vehicles invaded the Ras Al-Ayn neighborhood of Nablus as the evening call to prayer went out over the minarets. Israeli troops surrounded Freitikh’s house, near the Salah Ad-Din Mosque, before opening fire at him. He was shot in the feet several times and bled to death before ambulances could reach the area. His body was taken to Radifia Hospital in the west of Nablus, Palestinian medical sources said.

Meanwhile Palestinian security sources reported that Israeli forces seized two young Palestinian men. One, 22-year-old Jafar Jara, affiliated to the Al-Aqsa Brigades, the armed wing of Fatah, was arrested although he received partial amnesty from Israel. The other, Raif Sha’ban, was released by Israel just two weeks ago along with about 200 other Palestinian prisoners.

Violent clashes have erupted between the invading forces and groups of stone-throwing young men en several parts of the Ras Al-Ayn neighborhood. Israeli troops are blocking streets, preventing ambulances from reaching the scene of the violence. The confrontations were ongoing at the time of writing.


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