a day (or so) in the life of nablus

Settlers from Yitzhar and Itamar settlements, built on southern Nablus lands, have routinely attacked the southern villages but increased the burnings of fields and beatings of residents since the beginning of September.

The assaults are sometimes aided by Israeli soldiers in the area who either watch on or participate. Both settlers and soldiers attacked Asira and Madama under the pretext that a Palestinian had burned a house and stabbed a setter in Yitzhar Settlement. They injured at least eight people in the attack.

but of course nablus is like everywhere else in palestine:

Witnesses said that several armored vehicles swept into the Nablus city, breaking into the city’s old neighborhoods and detaining a 15-year-old boy.

In southern Nablus, an Israeli contingent took prisoner a 35-year-old man, after searching his house, witnesses added.

Meanwhile, the Israeli intelligence service held a 16-year-old Basil Eliasa, at a detention center near the Dehaisha refugee camp, south of the city.

Palestinian security sources in the Bait Ommar village to the north of Hebron city, said that a large Israeli force broke into the city, arresting a 19-year-old university student.

Two Palestinian civilians were injured on Wednesday after being attacked by Israeli settlers, Israeli sources said.

The settlers hurled stones at them until they could get to an Israeli military checkpoint near Tabwah crossing near Nablus city.

Palestinian sources said that two Palestinians arrived at an Israeli military checkpoint in the Tabwah area in Nablus and then filed a complaint against the Israeli settlers of Yitsahar settlement. The two wounded were evacuated to an Israeli hospital for treatment, the sources added. Meanwhile, a group of settlers hurled rocks towards an Israeli military outpost near a random settlement in the outskirts of Ramallah city. No causalities were reported. In a related developments, Palestinian security sources and witnesses confirmed that the Israeli army detained on Wednesday 18 Palestinian residents from the West Bank cities of Bethelahem, Qalqilia, Nablus and Hebron.

hence…this is why we boycott:

OCCUPIED RAMALLAH, 15 September 2008 — PACBI regrets Paul McCartney’s insistence on going ahead with his planned gig in Israel despite many appeals to him to cancel it due to Israel’s crimes against the Palestinians, particularly its current brutally devastating and illegal siege of 1.5 million in occupied Gaza. Not only will such a concert violate the Palestinian cultural boycott against Israel; it will convey a message that McCartney either condones or apathetically ignores Israel’s reality as a colonial power and an apartheid state that oppresses the indigenous Palestinians and occupies Arab land. Just as in the struggle against apartheid in South Africa, Palestinians are asking international artists to exercise their moral responsibility by staying away from Israel until freedom, justice, equality and human rights are respected for all.

When Zionism is legitimately called racist, the howls of protest are predictable and immediate. Critics of Israel are vilified by charges of anti-Semitism and disparaged or ignored by the press. The American media include criticism of Israel among the many subjects that are taken off the table and disappeared from the list of permitted subjects of discourse.

Yet there are times when Israel’s racism becomes obvious in a way that cannot be ignored. Recently the Alvin Ailey American Dance Theater performed in Israel as part of an international tour. When one of the dancers, Abdur-Rahim Jackson, went through security at Jerusalem’s Ben Gurion airport he was taken aside by Israeli security where he was asked to dance, not once but twice.


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