last stand for troy davis

On Monday, Sept. 22, advocates for Troy Davis kept up the fight to stop his pending execution set for 7pm, Tuesday, Sept. 23. This case has garnered national and international attention.

A morning press conference called on the warden, prison guards, nurses and other medical personnel who will play a role in Troy’s death to refuse to take the life of an innocent man.

People occupied the Governor’s Office for most of the day, demanding a meeting with Governor Sonny Perdue. Two men, Rev. Marvin Morgan and Steve Woodhall were arrested when they refused to leave without seeing him.

Another delegation attempted to deliver a letter to State Attorney General Thurbert Baker, detailing the numerous witness statements of police coercion and intimidation committed by members of the Savannah police department and demanding an investigation. His staff not only refused to accept the letter, the group’s members were”banished” from coming onto the Capitol grounds for
two weeks.

Shortly after the news conference, the Georgia Pardons and Parole Board re-issued a statement saying it would not grant clemency to Davis. The Board spokesperson acknowledged the thousands of call,
letter and e-mails flooding the office. Another avenue of relief was close later in the afternoon when the Georgia Supreme Court ruled 6-1 not to intervene, saying the proper jurisdiction was the US Supreme Court.

Georgians for Alternatives to the Death Penalty have several direct actions planned for Tuesday including a demonstration outside the offices of Rainbow Medical Associates, a private company
that provides physicians, nurses and other medical staff who for $18.00 an execution
implement the death order.

Everyone is urged to not let up on building an overwhelming pressure on all those who have the power to stop this execution. The direct line to the Georgia Pardons and Parole Board is 404.651.6671. Go to and for other contact information.

Here is a report on Davis from Democracy Now! where you can hear one of his last statements to the press:


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