resistance and reprisals

are there israelis who know how to speak without using the word “terrorist”? is it possible for an israeli to function in the world without hurling this word at palestinians or lebanese or syrians (or insert neighbor of choice here) every five minutes? is it possible that this disease (akin to the one commonly seen in lebanon whereby the media loves to rush to judgment about syrian involvement when there is an explosion) of blaming palestinians (of course i don’t think israelis know this word–they use the word terrorist mostly, sometimes arab to make sure their mythology and propaganda is in sync) for everything is spreading to media outlets like al jazeera? last night david chater reported on yet another remarkable mode of creative resistance to israeli state terrorism directed at civilians. he had interviewed israeli police who instantly rushed to judge that this was the work of a “terrorist” therefore chater decided he’d use that word too. what’s more: chater in all his infinite wisdom (not!) began to speculate why this incident, why the previous ones incidents of resistance in al quds–he ponders–could it be drugs? could he be upset with his family? what would do something to drive someone to this “terrorism”? chater wonders.

hmmmm…let me think. could it be the unbelievable, outlandish lengths one has to go to in order to deal with freedom of movement? the checkpoints? the apartheid wall? the seizure of land? the violence, murder, collective punishment, and terrorism palestinians have to live through every day? could it be house demolitions? could it be the imprisonment of a friend of loved one? so many choices, how might i contextualize this event. but, no, chater prefers the simplistic, israeli answer that helps to deceive the public into thinking that this was “pure terrorism.” or that possible he was on drugs. al jazeera: are you taking bribes? are you doing drugs (i.e., as an explanation for why so many brain cells seem to be disappearing)? or are you just that stupid?

of course we’ll never know the real answer because israeli terrorists killed salah al-mughrabi before we might find out (but, israel has no death penalty):

Palestinian Qasim Salah Al-Mughrabi was the driver of a black compact that drove into a group of Israeli soldiers visiting Jerusalem. The 19-year-old from the Al-Faruq area on Mount Scopus was shot and killed by an Israeli lieutenant on the scene, according to local sources.

Israeli medical sources say 19 Israelis were injured, ten of which are in serious condition, nine sustained moderate wounds, and at least eight of the injured are Israeli soldiers.

notice that most of the injured were israeli soldiers. same was true with the incident at huwarra checkpoint near nablus. but notice too what happens to the civilian population as a result of palestinians resisting. now comes the collective punishment. for instance, yesterday at huwwara checkpoint:

Three Palestinian residents including a woman were reportedly shot and wounded by Israeli soldiers on Monday at the Israeli checkpoint of Huwwara on Nablus land, Palestinian sources reported.

Sources said that the Israeli shooting came right after an Israeli soldier was exposed to chemical substances thrown by a young Palestinian woman at the checkpoint.

Medical sources reported that the Israeli army shot and wounded a lady in her right leg and that one of the wounded youths sustained a bullet to his kidney; the other was shot in his left leg.

All wounded were evacuated to the local hospital of Rafedia, medics confirmed. Witnesses told media outlets that Israeli soldiers closed the Huwwara checkpoint following the incident and that people were denied entry in and out of Nablus. The assailant girl, in her twenties and wearing a long dress and a head-covering, was detained by the Israeli army.

and all morning the israeli terrorist forces have been flying overhead breaking the sound barrier. and promises of more collective punishment for moghrabi’s family and neighbors from the israeli terrorists:

Jerusalem District Police Commander, Maj.-Gen. Aharon Franco ordered his forces on Tuesday to stop the residents of east Jerusalem’s Jabel Mukabar neighborhood from erecting a mourners’ tent in honor of Kasem Mugrabi, who carried out the terror attack in Jerusalem on Monday night.

yes, that’s a good idea. punish the family and friends and prohibit them from mourning. that’s a great way to keep people’s anger to a minimum and keep from reprisals. good thinking. but wait, there’s more! one of israel’s chief terrorists, ehud barak has a plan:

Defense Minister Ehud Barak held a security assessment overnight, and discussed the need to use razing as a measure of deterrence: “We need to take legal action in order to drastically expedite the (legal) process, so we can take action shortly after an attack happens and deter any future potential terrorists,” he said.

A Security source added that if the military is unable to use razing as an immediate punitive action, it loses its effect: “Waiting for months on end for the go-ahead is unheard of. It sends the exact opposite message to anyone contemplating carrying out an attack.

so now another house will be demolished. and the seeds will be sown for more resistance. and the israelis will continue to name it “terrorism.” and they will continue to be wrong. because this is about palestinian rights to their land and resistance to european, foreign, alien colonists who do not belong here. who are not from here.


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