common enemies?!

in palestine it is eid al fitr, a time of celebration. for jews in the zionist state it is new year’s eve. these holidays happen to overlap this year, but somehow barack obama thinks that only jews are worthy of holiday greetings:

“As families come together to mark the High Holy Days, upholding a proud Jewish tradition,” Obama said.

“Let us all rededicate ourselves to the task of repairing this world for our children and grandchildren, and to working to achieve peace and security for Israel.”

no such eid mubarak extended to palestinians. and yet i continue to receive emails from palestinian american friends asking that i support obama. i refuse to submit to this ridiculous american concept of the “lesser of two evils” when voting. there are two other great choices: mckinney and nader. for if obama were actually concerned with “peace” he would realize that real peace does not come from imprisoning an entire population, as is the case now for all of us living in the west bank. there is a complete closure so that the jews can celebrate their holiday. while we are imprisoned:

A total closure of Palestinian-Israeli borders has been put in place by the Israeli army for the duration of the Jewish New Year Rosh Hashanah.

The closure means absolutely no Palestinians are permitted to leave the Israeli controlled West Bank and Gaza Strip, except in “humanitarian cases,” who have to contact the Israeli Civil Affairs Department.

The measures were announced by Radio Israel on Monday morning, and will remain in effect until Wednesday.

meanwhile, over in the 51st state a u.s. presidential debate took place in al quds:

As the Thursday debate, organized by the American Israel Action Coalition (AIAC – like AIPAC without the P), took place eight time zones and a full day ahead of the scheduled first encounter between McCain and Obama, it was entirely unclear whether the real debate would take place at all. Back in the Old Country (in this case, Ole Miss), onetime Navy pilot and former POW John McCain had called a campaign time-out, flying off to Washington to single-handedly save the United States from economic ruin, and leaving the Friday debate in Mississippi firmly in the lurch.

Far and away, the Jerusalem debate set the standard for gaffes, with Schorer using the unfortunate term “final solution” in front of a room full of elderly Jews when speaking on the issue of final status negotiations with the Palestinian Authority. Zell managed to hurl choice cuts of fine kosher republican red meat, and in his closing remarks managed to refer to the Democratic candidate by his full name, drawing up “Hussein” to sinister and foreboding effect. Schroder, for his part, seemed to hold back and fumble, at one point saying the U.S. and Israel must stop “Iraq from getting nuclear weapons” and later accidentally referring to Hezbollah as a country.

and after the state of israel’s flag was raised in my hometown of los angeles, macy gray sang the u.s. national anthem (after, of course, the zionist state’s national anthem was sung). time to start writing letters, deleting her from your ipod, and putting pressure on the singer. she should know better.

but there is more disturbing news from here. i linked to a story the other day that seemed to be way of the mainstream news media’s radar. but now it seems to have hit. it is clear that the u.s. military now has a presence in beer seba:

The US has supplied Israel with a powerful long-range radar system that would provide an extra early warning in case of an Iranian missile attack, it was confirmed yesterday.

Israeli officials said the equipment was flown in last week along with 120 American staff and has been set up at an air force base in the southern Negev desert.

It is believed to be the first time American personnel have been stationed in Israel since the 1991 Gulf war, when Patriot anti-missile batteries were deployed – to little effect – against Iraq’s Scud missiles. In spite of the close strategic relationship between the two countries, Israel has traditionally preferred to staff its own defences and not depend on foreigners.

the timing of this is interesting as aipac seems to have been defeated in congress in its bid to push the u.s. to bomb iran:

In a significant and highly unusual defeat for the so-called “Israel Lobby,” the Democratic leadership of the US House of Representatives has decided to shelve a long-pending, albeit non-binding, resolution that called for President George W. Bush to launch what critics called a blockade against Iran.

House Congressional Resolution (HR) 362, whose passage the powerful American Israel Public Affairs Committee (AIPAC) had made its top legislative priority this year, had been poised to pass virtually by acclamation last summer.

But an unexpectedly strong lobbying effort by a number of grassroots Iranian-American, Jewish-American, peace, and church groups effectively derailed the initiative, although AIPAC and its supporters said they would try to revive it next year or if Congress returns to Washington for a “lame-duck” session after the November elections.

but my fear at the moment actually has nothing to do with iran–not that it ever did. rather, it has to do with an article that came out yesterday revealing the depths of which israeli-american influence here with respect to colonial divide and rule policy has infested the minds of members of particular political factions. laith sent me this scary piece by khaled amayreh yesterday, which is beyond disturbing:

Nahom Barnea is a prominent Israeli journalist and regular columnist at the mass-circulation newspaper, Yediot Ahronot. On Friday, 19 September, he revealed shocking details of a recent “security coordination” meeting between Israeli and Palestinian security commanders. Barnea, well known for his journalistic reliability, attended the meeting which took place at the Israeli occupation army’s West Bank headquarters at the settlement of Beit El near Ramallah. The following is a verbatim translation of Barnea’s report as published in Yediot Ahronot:

“They (the PA security commanders) arrived at the IDF headquarters Sunday night, passing through the ‘Court roadblock,’ only a 3-minute-drive from Ramallah. They drove through the road leading to the old Beit El settlement, going through the gate of the former Jordanian camp which houses the Command of the Judea and Samaria Brigade.

All of them were dressed in civilian attire with the exception of the Inspector-General of the Palestinian Police. They were eight commanders, all of them veteran Fatah leaders. This is the last chance for the generation that came from Tunis to retain their grip on power before Hamas could take over and devour everything.

The commander of the Israeli Defense Forces in the West Bank, Major-General Noam Tiv’on wanted to invite them to a meal to break the day’s fasting. However, the agenda of the encounter was disrupted for reasons having to do with the failure of the Israeli army to suppress settler riots (near Nablus) and the death of a Palestinian boy by Israeli army bullets the next day, which eventually forced the guests to break their fast at their homes.

Well they did. The discussion would have wasted a lot of time had it been carried out at the food pantry prepared by the Israeli army. Tiv’on and the head of the Israeli civil administration in the West Bank, Major-General Yoav Mordechai wanted to present to the Palestinian commanders the plan- Jenin-2 for the deployment of PA forces in City.

The Israeli commanders asked their Palestinian counterparts for their permission to allow a journalist to attend the meeting. The Palestinians concurred. In fact, I was the only journalist allowed to attend the meeting. However, because of my presence and essentially because of the sense of urgency on the Palestinian part, the meeting assumed different directions with excessive extents.

Shocking words

Contrary to conventional belief, journalists hate to be surprised. They think they know every thing and that which they don’t know is not considered especially important. I was surprised by the things that the Palestinian security commanders uttered. I was also surprised by the tone of their voices.

The gist of their argument is that a violent confrontation between Fatah and Hamas will take place in January of 2009. On the 9th of January Abu Mazen’s presidential term will expire. He is determined to stay in office until January 2010. We can’t rule out the possibility that Abu Mazen will declare the Gaza Strip a “rebellious province”

The Palestinian security commanders asked their Israeli counterparts to join them in preparing a field plan and train their forces and supply them with weapons.

I have never heard such an excessive willingness on the part of the Palestinian Authority to work with Israel, except for a small period in the Spring of 1996.

Following the meeting, I told one of the Israeli commanders who was in the hall “this is just talk. Aren’t you worried that the followers of Fatah would disappear at the decisive moment as they did in Gaza?” “No,” he said. “Prior to the Gaza events, they didn’t know what would happen to them. But now they do.”

Abu al Fath is the commander of the General Security Apparatus of the Fayyad government. It represents the main military force of the Palestinian Authority. Abu al Fath is the most senior and highest ranking officer among the heads of the Palestinian security agencies.

“There is no conflict between us,” he told the Israeli army commanders. “We have a common enemy.” Abu al Fath commenced the meeting with a complaint about the settler rampage (near Nablus). The way he related to the riots was interesting. He went on saying that “this makes things more difficult for us, especially in dealing with ordinary Palestinians. You must have law and order just as you expect us to have law and order. I will do all I can to prevent the occurrence of operations (against you.). You realize that we are much better than before. Thanks to our operations, the Israeli army needs to carry out lesser operations.

Hamas: our common enemy

Abu al Fath went on: “there is a huge strife going on in preparation for January, 2009. Abu Mazen is adopting the peace-line and you should bolster his position. Release juvenile prisoners, this is very important. Remove the roadblocks and dismantle the settlements. I want to ask you to allow us to deploy a regiment from Jericho to Hebron. I know there is a problem with the settlers in Hebron and the frictions spots there. I have no intention to enter these spots. The regiment will operate in the villages of Southern Hebron.

Major-General Kivon replied: “I am quite happy with what you have said. The local commanders of both sides should meet and reach an agreement on this. However, Colonel Mordechai warned the Palestinian officer, saying that “the deployment of the regiment in Hebron should take place Friday night lest they collide with the settlers.” Abu al Fath said: “No problem. We are moving against Hamas even during the month of Ramadan.”

At this point, the head of the Fayadh government’s military intelligence, Majed Faraj began talking: “We are in the midst of a very difficult battle. There is an Arabic proverb: ‘the sea is before us and the enemy is after us.’ We don’t even have a sea. We have decided to fight the battle until the end. We have decided to put all our problems on the table. Every thing is clear. No game-playing. Hamas is the enemy, and we have decided to wage an all-out war against Hamas. And I tell you there will be no dialogue with Hamas, for he who wants to kill you, kill him first. You have reached a truce with them, but we won’t do so. To be honest, we behaved differently in the past.

Faraj went on boasting: “Now we are taking care of every Hamas institution in accordance with your instructions. Lately you gave us the names of 64 institutions, and we have already dealt with fifty. Some of these institutions have been closed down, others we have changed their administrations. We have also seized their money (Israel referred to the PA 150 bank accounts suspected of belonging to terrorist organizations while the PA closed 300 other accounts).

“I have two observations: In the past we thought a thousand times before entering a mosque, but today we enter any mosque whenever deemed necessary. Don’t understand from this that you are allowed to enter the mosque. On the contrary, we can enter the mosques precisely because you don’t. We also can enter the campuses of universities, including the Islamic University in Hebron. We are making utmost efforts and even if success is not 100%, motivation is 100%”

Following Faraj’s remarks, Hazem Atallah, the Inspector-General of the Palestinian Police Forces spoke: “Until the end of the year, we will enter into a confrontation with Hamas. Khalid Meshal said Abu Mazen’s government wouldn’t be legal after the 9th of January, hence we should bet ready for the confrontation. ”

Hussein al Sheik, head of the civilian affairs department in the Fayadh government said “this is very important. Hamas doesn’t have a military power in the West Bank, but it has the power to get people onto the streets.” Attallah addressed the Israeli commanders: I am talking about a comprehensive plan, if we enter the next year without being fully prepared, nothing will be left except arguing over who was responsible for the defeat, we, or you, or the Americans.

Mordechai assured him, saying: we will form a joint team, we will help you with the training and military gear. The Palestinians complained that a Canadian shipment of truncheons for the police was still being withheld at the Ashdod Port. Tiv’on assured them that “we will hand it over to you.”

thanks laith for sending me the above article. it is really unbelievable the depths to which fatah and the israeli terrorist forces have normalized, collaborated. this is beyond what edward said predicted (see earlier posts this past week). this is colonialism. eid mubarak.


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