press tv

a quick post before i get back to writing. last night i went to the studio for my interview on iranian press tv. i got picked up by one of the journalists because i had to go at iftar and there are no services at that hour. it turns out that the studio is in the same building as his house with this stunning view of downtown nablus. this is on the other side of the city–on mount ebal. i live on the other mountain across the way and to the right a bit. the twilight light didn’t come through as i had hoped in this picture, but it still shows the beauty of nablus, i think. i had a lovely, though quick, iftar with the journalists and their family and then we ran downstairs to get set up.

the interview was not what i had imagined. there was a second guest on the show, which i was not aware of. i learned this about two minutes before air time. there was also no monitor for me to see what was going on, hence my hijab falling off (razan told me that i needed to wear this on press tv, though the other guest did not; fatima said the hijab looked more iranian with it falling off anyway). the sound was also not great; i had an ear piece, but they were watching it on tv in the other room so there was feedback and it made me lose my concentration a bit (i forgot olmert’s name at one point). also, i have no idea why they identified me as a “middle east affairs expert” or however they phrased it; i’m not. i live here, i read, i study, i observe. but my doctorate is in literature, obviously. in any case, here is the link to the show for those who wish to view it:

middle east today: “peace process” and the settlements

i tried to check out this zion-nut, maxine douvere, on the internet, but there isn’t much. obviously, she’s delusional. obviously, she is a zionist. but all i could find is that she attended a new york city rally for an israeli terrorist soldier in gaza. and she likes israeli music. and she’s on the board of directors of some zionist organization called tzohar.

on the way home i got to ride in this very cool reuters jeep (see below). there are two gun bullets from israeli terrorist soldiers in the front window. but it is an army jeep so it didn’t break the glass all the way. very cool that palestinian journalists get to tool around in such a vehicle!


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