for some israelis lynching = pogrom

i just couldn’t go to sleep without posting this. too horrifying. i’m too tired to comment fully, but check out the bolded words in these news stories. apparently, when a plaestinian living in akka, in 1948, palestine is almost lynched, when jews shout “death to arabs” (a common chant at israeli football games), it is a pogrom.

from a palestinian source, imemc:

The Arabs 48 news website reported clashes that erupted on Thursday at dawn in the eastern neighborhoods of Acre (Akka) city when an Arab resident and his family drove through the Ben Shoshan Street (Al Manshiyya Area) and several Jewish youth started hurling stones at him and his family.

The resident Ahmad Sha’ban and is family were on their way to visit a relative when dozens of Jewish youth hurled stones at the vehicle for driving in their area during the Yum Kippur Jewish holiday.

Initial investigation by the Israeli police revealed that the clashes escalated when a rumor that Sha’ban was killed spread in the town, and hundreds of Arab youth took off to the streets. Later on, dozens of Jewish youth hurled stones at the house of Sha’ban after surrounding it and the police intervened to disperse the rioters.

this is from the israeli newspaper ha’aretz:

Jewish and Arab residents of the northern town of Acre resumed violent riots Thursday evening, after an Arab man drove through a prominently Jewish neighborhood during the high holiday of Yom Kippur Wednesday night, sparking a quarrel that deteriorated into some of the worst clashes the city has seen in years.

Police warded off hundreds of Jewish rioters, chanting “death to Arabs” and trying to storm the city’s main road. Border Police officers and horse-back officers were trying to prevent the rioters from reaching the center of town. Meanwhile hundreds of Arab rioters gathered in the heart of the city.

The violence resumed at the city’s train station with Arabs and Jews hurling rocks at each other. Police employed protest dispersal measures, such as water hoses, in efforts to quell the violence. Riots then continued in Acre’s Old City, where hundreds of Arab residents threw stones and burned tires.

Several people were arrested, but there were no reports of serious injury.

in the racist israeli newspaper y-net:

Riots in Akko spark political clashes as well: Rightist and leftist Knesset members traded harsh statements Thursday, with most of them slamming the police, in the wake of the Yom Kippur riots in Akko.

Knesset Member Effie Eitam referred to the riots as an “anti-Semitic pogrom at the heart of Israel on the holiest day to the Jewish people.” However, MK Ahmad Tibi apparently saw things differently, referring to a “pogrom perpetrated by Jewish thugs against Arabs.”

and finally, also in y-net we have the words of taufik jamal:

Jamal said officers arrived a few minutes later. “Throughout the entire time, despite police presence, the youngsters continued to throw rocks and chant ‘death to the Arabs’. They also prevented the ambulances from entering the street, while my son’s face was bleeding and his friend almost passed out,” Jamal told Ynet. ….

“Only now do I understand that they wanted to lynch us like the terrorists lynched the Jewish soldiers in Ramallah,” Jamal said.

this is why zionism = racism. not only do we have israeli jews taking to the streets with a blood-thirsty vengeance. we also have in one taufik jamal a palestinian whose mind has been so tainted by living in a zionist state that he calls palestinians resisting the sort of violence he experienced today (only hear it is daily) “terrorists.” this is internalized colonialism.


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