on slander

this is what it looks like when the israel lobby colludes with the fourth branch of the government. sean hannity’s expands the whole obama-is-friends-with-terrorists extravaganza with offensive rhetoric. adding to the attacks on what fox calls “the unrepentant terrorist” bill ayers, they are now attacking rashid kahlidi in this hour-long fox news propaganda fest called, “a history of radicalism.” it features a festival of hateful rhetoric from the likes of daniel pipes of campus watch. hannity describes khalidi as someone who has “ties to the former terrorist organization the palestinian liberation organization.” okay, so i have a question: if a candidate has ties to nelson mandela does that make them suspect too? (i’m not even going to get into the whole u.s. sponsoring state terrorism like the taliban and saddam hussein in the 1980s). he was in the african national congress, which the u.s. considered a terrorist organization, too. and mandela was only taken off the u.s. terrorist watch list this past summer. this logic they use makes no sense. my head is spinning. these two scholars whose work has contributed immensely to the fields of history and education are now being raked through the coals. there is a petition to support ayers now, and i hope that one will emerge to support khalidi soon.


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