there is a foreign woman staying in my house for a week as she has come to my university to deliver some lectures. my apartment is a university apartment and since there are two extra bedrooms that i’m not using, they placed her here. i explained about the boycott policy of the house and requested that she ask before she buys anything to make sure it is not israeli. and then what does she do not 30 minutes later? she buys israeli milk. israeli milk has invaded my kitchen. what is so aggravating about this is that there are perfectly good palestinian brands of milk. there are even local farmers who come through the neighborhood selling their fresh milk every day. when you have a choice: why would you buy milk from the zionists? nothing aggravates me more. even some jordanians have started a public boycott campaign: it’s about time! but really, we should continue to look south–towards venezuela–for models of targeting american companies. i’m sure hugo chavez isn’t targeting pepsi or mcdonald’s because they are zionist and give millions of dollars to the zionist state every year, but it’s great to know that those companies will suffer economically in the process of being shut down, even if it is only temporary.

on a more serious matter, though, it seems that the zionists are continuing their ethnic cleansing plans in beit sahour. the zionists are now planning an invasion of beit sahour this week:

According to the Applied Research Institute of Jerusalem, ARIJ, several Israeli religious groups have put out a call for a takeover of Palestinian land in Beit Sahour, in honor of the Jewish holiday ‘Sukkot’ on Thursday October 16th. The site in question is known as Ush Ghurab to the Palestinian population, while the Israelis call the spot Shdema.

The two groups Women in Green (Women For Israel’s Tomorrow ) and the Committee for a Jewish Shdema made the call for a land takeover in honor of Sukkot. Sukkot is the holiday in which Jewish people make small shelters of sticks in remembrance of their legend that the Jewish people spent 40 years wandering in the desert in ancient times.

Beit Sahour is a town next to Bethlehem, in the southern West Bank, which became famous in the late 1980s for its nonviolent resistance to the Israeli occupation. Recently, the Israeli military abandoned a military base it had maintained in the town, and the land was reclaimed by Palestinian townspeople to turn into a park and community area.

According to the ARIJ report, the site was used by several administrations before it was occupied by the Israeli army in 1967 as a headquarters for the British Mandate troops and later on by the Jordanian Forces. However, the area that defines the Israeli military base today is much larger than it was before 1967. Israeli forces have confiscated more Palestinian lands throughout the years of occupation to increase the area of the military base. In 2006, they abandoned the military base. But Israeli settlers have made repeated attempts to take over the land, including beating and violently assaulting Palestinian residents of Beit Sahour.

you think this may be the reason the zionists hired a pr firm in britain to better its image?
news flash: the way to better your image is to stop behaving like thieves and war criminals.


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