phrenology meets arabphobia

i don’t need to repeat what the iron sheik already said rather eloquently, but there is a new smear campaign picking up steam in the white, racist, neo-con klan. if you can stomach the obscene racism here, courtesy of a so-called journalist named kenneth lamb, i’m posting the video below. but really, didn’t we stop trying to quantify how much “blood” someone had after slavery? this guy is clearly a throwback to the days of phrenology. it’s disturbing how easily blatant racism is rearing its head here in this campaign. but, clearly, this narrator/”journalist” has a lower iq than sarah palin

here is his description of his video on youtube:

Obama is not an African American. To be considered part of a minority group you must have at least 1/8 of that blood in your veins. Obama is 1/2 white,7/16 Arabic and 1/16 Black African.

2 thoughts on “phrenology meets arabphobia

  1. I couldn’t even finish listening to that guy. So what if Obama is 7/16 (or 16/16 for that matter) Arab?

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