in harmony?

no, i’m afraid not. my dear friend baha’a, whose family was forcibly expelled from yaffa, palestine in 1948, used this phrase last year in reference to our friends yassin, mark, and nizar’s hip hop collaboration. it became a little mantra in other contexts for us. but today, al jazeera ruined it for me when their news anchor jane dutton misspoke and called akka a city that previously was one of where arabs and jews lived “in harmony.” really? when was that? was it when palestinians were massacred and expelled in 1948? is it when palestinians are called “thieves” for picking cucumbers on what used to be their land, but ironically was stolen by the zionist jews? is it when the israeli government makes sure to underfund ever social service so that palestinians living in 1948 suffer in sectors like education and health? is it when palestinians are stoned because they drive a car? is it when they are lynched? is it when they are not allowed to build houses or own land–land they already owned for centuries? is it when they are not allowed to live with their spouses because s/he comes from a west bank town or village? where is the harmony, al jazeera? i beg of you: please tell me!

equally shameful: in reporting on the u.s. elections their reporters continuously fail to mention the word racist or islamophobic. while reporting on the “hateful rhetoric” of palin or mccain they call it “negativity,” never anti-arab, racist, islamophobic.



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