walking while palestinian

i really am trying to write, but i keep getting distracted by israeli terrorists in our midst. this is a follow up to that post below “driving while arab.” now, a palestinian man at huwwara checkpoint near nablus was shot because he was…walking! yes, folks, this is zionism:

A 20-year-old Palestinian man was injured by live fire after Israeli soldiers shot at him as he walked through the Huwwara checkpoint south of Nablus on Monday evening.

Adham Shihadah had been waiting at the military checkpoint for about two hours. The usually busy checkpoint was crowded with hundreds of travelers as the backlog of people spilled out of the bare metal structure leading to the crossing.

Eyewitnesses said that Shihadah simply began walking through the crossing, despite Israeli soldiers yelling and telling him, as well as the pressing crowd, to stop and wait.

The man did not stop walking until one of the bullets fired by the Israeli soldiers at the crowd hit him in the foot.

Palestinian medical sources said Shihadah was transferred to the Rafidia government hospital in Nablus by a private car. His injuries were described as “light to medium.”

that above quote is from the palestinian news agency ma’an. just to give you a glimpse into the racist rhetoric an israeli newspaper uses when describing the same incident:

Soldiers thwarted a potential terror attack on Israeli soil Monday evening, when they shot and wounded a Palestinian attempting to smuggle three improvised explosive devices through the Hawara checkpoint in Nablus.

this is how your tax dollars are spent my fellow americans. are you happy now? instead of giving you better schools or healthcare or anything that might be useful in the world, you are paying to arm these israeli terrorists who shoot at people while they walk and who arrest people because they drive.


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