too much flying

I’ve never used the Zionist airport. Aside from the horror stories I’ve heard from friends, including the confiscating of computers and adding some sort of spyware on them to access your computer, I refuse to go to this airport on occupied land. It is bad enough that they control the borders to Jordan. I also think it would be unnerving to be on a plane full of Israelis or Zionist Jews. It would be claustrophobic. But I realized that flying from Amman you have something that is almost as bad: you end up flying with American mercenaries who work in Iraq. Of course, it is bad enough that these white men stand out like a sore thumb–with their crew cuts they look like ordinary soldiers. And they are your typical average, stupid American who is rude. They seem to love putting their shoes where people sit and where people eat. Thankfully, I did not have to sit near any of them on the plane. I got lucky and sat next to a lovely older man who is from occupied Golan. His family fled when he was 24 to Damascus.

The flight from Amman to Chicago is entirely too long, and because of too many delays I missed my flight to the conference. Hopefully I’ll arrive before my talk tomorrow, but Royal Jordanian initially told me that I could only arrive at 12, when my panel is. I went to the hotel, searched the Internet, found a flight at 6 am and then went back to the airport to change it.

Normally I like flying Royal Jordanian. And actually I had a really nice, long chat with one of the flight attendants. He is originally from Haifa and his mom was pregnant when his family fled in 1948. He was born in a camp and later grew up in Al Quds. He’s ready to retire from the airline as he’s worked there for thirty years. He is really into the boycott campaign–and when I first brought it up I was so happy to hear that he also boycotts American products. This was very hopeful to hear.

But was not hopeful is a very odd 30 minute program Royal Jordanian showed during the flight. It was some weird documentary on Caterpillar. It showed their history–its beginnings as a company trying to help farmers. But then it showed its “mega factories” and its “monster” trucks (their words). Of course, nothing about how they destroy Palestinian homes. But why they were showing this on Royal Jordanian, I have no idea. It was like one of those biography shows, but about the company. Very disturbing.

On another note–two great articles on the situation in Akka from Electronic Intifada right now that are must reads:

Extremist West Bank settlers help stir Acre violence by Ali Abunimah


Acre violence exposes Israel’s double standards by Jonathan Cook


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