targeting children & other israeli habits

I’m more than halfway home and I’m checking out what is going on in Falasteen right now; it seems that things have not changed much in my absence. Not that I should be surprised. This is daily life in Palestine.

This morning Israeli Terrorist Forces (ITF) invaded Al Fara’a refugee camp near Nablus:

Palestinian sources said that more than 20 Israeli armored vehicles invaded the Alfar’a, to the north of Nablus city, and enforced a curfew on the camp.

The curfew was imposed after two explosive devices were thrown at an Israeli force earlier, the sources said.

Meanwhile Akka’s Jewish-Zionist mayor, Shimon Lankri, had this to say about the ancient Palestinian city he rules (though like all colonial rulers, his time will be up one day, too:

“Acre will remain ours forever and ever, it was ours and will remain ours, we will not allow anyone to destroy the city”, Lankri added, “no one can raise his head in front of us, and if anyone does, we will know how to cut it”, the Arabs48 news website quoted Lankri stating.

As is par for the course, Palestinians harvesting their olives were confronted by both illegal Israeli settlers and ITF:

The Watan media center reported on Tuesday that at least 120 Israeli settlers attacked dozens of villagers from Kufur Qaddoum village while harvesting their orchards east of the village. Israeli soldiers arrived at the scene and forced the residents out of their lands instead of evacuating the settlers.

Yes, Rabbi Fink in Boise, Idaho: this is why the checkpoints exist: to help fanatical, Jewish supremacist settlers and soldiers continue their decades long process of stealing land and murdering Palestinians. There is no other side to the story. You may whine and complain to Boise State’s neocon president and to Idaho state legislators all you want. It won’t change the facts of history nor of present. But I digress…

The Jewish supremacists whose holidays are always more important than the Palestinians whose land they live on, are now affecting food prices in Palestine:

The price of tomatoes has more than tripled in the West Bank over the last week, sitting now at 14 shekels per kilo (3.75 US dollars/kg) making the local staple totally unaffordable for the average family, and causing restaurants to take tomato dishes off the menu.

Even a few weeks ago the price for tomatoes was 2.5-4 shekels /kg (0.67 -1.06 US dollars). By comparison, tomatoes can be purchased in the United States, where incomes are three times higher on average, this week for 0.85-1.00 US dollars per kilo.

All of these things adds up to killing Palestinians slowly. In various ways. Some are more obvious than others. For example, there is great new report out documenting specifically how ITF targets children; you can read a bit about and download the full report, “Blood on Their Hands,” here. And here is a brief report on Al Jazeera discussing the findings:

And if after all this you’re not depressed and you want to do something. Omar Barghouti reminds us yet again why boycott is necessary. I especially love his paragraph articulating what a bulls*&^ notion it is that something called an “Israeli peace movement” exists. It doesn’t. Here’s Omar’s insightful analysis:

What Israeli peace movement? There is no such creature. The so-called peace groups in Israel largely work to improve Israeli oppression against the Palestinians, rather than eliminate it, with their chief objective being the guarantee of Israel’s future as a “Jewish” — i.e. exclusivist — State. The most radical Israeli “Zionist-left” groups are still Zionist, adhering to the racist principles of Zionism that view the indigenous Palestinians as lesser humans that are an obstacle or a “demographic threat” to be dealt with. Specifically, they are opposed to the UN-sanctioned rights of the Palestinian refugees, ethnically cleansed during the Nakba and ever since, to return to their homes and lands, simply because they are the “wrong” type. These groups also oppose ending the unique form of apartheid that dominates the entire State of Israel, where a decades-old system of racial discrimination, enshrined in the law, treats “non-Jewish” citizens of the State as second-class citizens who are not entitled to all the rights that Jewish citizens enjoy. If this the Israeli “peace” movement, then no conscientious person should feel sorry about undermining it!

And with that I think I’ll give into my jet lag and get some rest.


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